Do you stay up late at night, wondering about whether aliens exist or not? Whether the strange thing you saw hovering in the sky was a drone bought from Amazon or something much more mysterious?

Being interested in extraterrestrial life and UFOs is nothing new to us humans. We are always fascinated by things we know little about; there are plenty of us who set out on a quest to understand the ins and outs of space and other worlds and, more importantly, other worlds visiting us.

With that in mind, this piece will give you some of the greatest UFO documentaries you just cannot miss – perfect for those binge-watching moods!


Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is a documentary on Netflix that dives right into the heart of extraterrestrial beings and the hand they may have had in helping the world be shaped as we know it today.

This one-season show delves deep into the sightings of aliens and UFOs from ancient times, right up to the modern-day UFO experiences, and offers a fascinating breakdown of categories where the link between happenings such as deadly cults or sacred places and aliens are explored.


The Universe

This unique documentary focuses on facts that have already been established rather than hypotheses and theories. Good for those who like a scientific element to their shows. That being said, each episode is dedicated to a different planet in the solar system or a function and also explores investigations of alien galaxies.

If you are prone to existential crises, this might be one you want to skip over, as there are in-depth explorations into what could be happening in the many different universes that exist at any given time.



For those who are politically inclined (and not), this intense documentary opts for an exposure angle that discusses the government’s hand in covering up information, research, and discoveries.

A doctor named Stephen Greer gets many ex-military from different branches of the government to participate and interviews some of the most powerful names that hold secrets far deeper than the public know. There are witness testimonies and UFO footage, of which 80% has said not to have been revealed anywhere else. For those interested in the cover-up and secret elements of UFOs and extraterrestrials, this one is definitely one to be watched!


Bob Lazar: Area 51 And Flying Saucers

Bob Lazar is well known for being the whistleblower on Area 51 – the famous Air Force training base that has been tied to some of the wildest extraterrestrial theories. But why did Lazar do this? In this documentary, you will find out everything he knows, from the alien technology he has said to have worked with, along with the government’s desperate attempts to silence him.


The Search for Life in Space

An interesting take on UFO documentaries, The Search for Life in Space, is a take from scientists who have acquired information from sitting in observatories. This journey spans from the ocean’s deepest depths to the impressive vast space in search of microorganisms that are yet to be identified.



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