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Entertainment: The Arrow & Flash Saving DC Comics’ Cinema Reputation

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Probably two of the lesser famous members of the Justice League, and characters of the DC Comic books, The Green Arrow and The Flash are making a larger splash than anticipated.

With Arrow on its fourth season and The Flash on its second season, the two CW television shows are bringing in viewers of all ages and are helping increase the awareness for the upcoming movies for DC Cinema.

While the television shows and the movies are two completely different universes and are not going to co-exist in any possible way. A lot of fans were very disappointed to hear that a new The Flash movie would be released in the upcoming years, without seeing how the success of the TV show would go.

As well as stating multiple cameos for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie, to amp up the possibility of a Justice League movie. Many complaints are the main actors for the Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) should be in the upcoming movies and should have larger parts than higher priced actors.

While the Arrow is a sort of knock off version of Batman, the Arrow is doing a great job of casting amazing super villains and having a great story line to go along with the show.

Now viewers must remember, that this is a television show filmed based and filmed in Canada, so some of the fighting and choreograph is a tad corny, yet the Batman influenced villains and small love stories of Oliver Queen and doing whatever he can to protect his city. This is hands down one of my favorite television shows on TV now, and has the chance to be airing for many years to come.

Next up, The Flash and how Barry Allen is doing whatever he has to do to learn how to control his speed, and discover the identity and take down his mothers’ killer. The Flash is a larger known character in the DC Comic universe, and recently introduced a theory to ensure no misconceptions of the new movies coming out. The Flash recently discovered how to travel and understand multi-universes, allowing the never-ending possibilities for multiple movies and spin offs to happen because of this theory.

Finally, these two shows are becoming the stepping stone for DC Comics and their television deals, with just this year the start of two new DC Comic television shows: Supergirl and The Legends of Tomorrow.

The Arrow and The Flash also do cross overs, to help boost the amount of views for both shows and keeping a true connection between all characters. Which one, if not both, of these shows are your favorite, and how do you feel the shows are doing compared to previous DC Comic television shows?

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