Back in November it was announced that Daniel Bruhl would be joining the cast of Captain America: Civil War as a villain whose identity was undisclosed.

Given that Bruhl is German, it seemed likely that the villain he would be playing has affiliation with either Hydra or the Nazis.

It appears that the mystery about the character’s identity is now over. Disney’s casting call list, at, shows the names of seven featured actors/actresses and the names of their characters.

The last actor named on the list is Daniel Bruhl and the character listed across from his name – none other than Baron Zemo. Now it doesn’t specify whether it’s Heinrich or Helmut Zemo, both of whom carried the title of Baron.

Dr. Heinrich Zemo was the 12th Baron Zemo and also one of the Nazi party’s top scientists. Helmut Zemo is Heinrich’s son and the 13th Baron Zemo. Helmut would use his family’s fortune to continue on with his father’s legacy and continue the fight against Captain America.

In all likelihood, Bruhl will be playing the younger Baron Helmut Zemo, unless the writers have invented some crazy plot scenario that brings Heinrich Zemo into the present day.  David Harris over at Fansided also suggested that the elder Zemo could be featured in flashback sequences or the character might end up being an amalgam of both Helmut and Heinrich.

Regardless of how they end up bringing the character of Baron Zemo to the screen, I am eager to see Bruhl as a member of the Marvel Universe.

And like many other fans out there, I am counting the days until May 6th of 2016, when the Civil War will begin.



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