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Entertainment: Keep An Eye On The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien

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If you’re a fan of the MTV series Teen Wolf, then you know about Dylan O’Brien. Thanks to his role in The Maze Runner, he is one actor to keep an eye on, as his baby face has tweens swooning everywhere.

Although, O’Brien shouldn’t just be viewed in that light, because he is more than just a pretty face. O’Brien doesn’t have the build of the typical Hollywood leading man, as he stands at 5’10.

However, the actor stands tall with a very impressive career resume.

As mentioned before, O’Brien got his start on the MTV series Teen Wolf, a role which not only jump-started his career, but his love for acting.

He was set to start film school  and attempt to learn the craft of a cinematographer, but he opted to co-star in the hit MTV series, thus putting his school behind him.

So far, the choice to take up acting has proved successful for O’Brien. His first role came in the mediocre 2011 comedy The High Road, where he played a supporting role.

His first leading role came in the independent film The First Time, however the film didn’t get a wide release and O’Brien wasn’t yet a proven name in the film industry. His fortunes changed in 2013 when he was featured in the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comedy, The Internship.

While O’Brien didn’t star or necessarily stand out, he was able to reach mainstream status.

O’Brien’s film career was on the up, and Teen Wolf was proving to be a hit for MTV, so what could the actor do to raise his stock even further? Obtain the lead role in the film adaptation of The Maze Runner.

The Maze Runner was O’Brien’s big break in mainstream cinema, as it was his first leading role for a big budget film. O’Brien gained many more fans as a result.

In fact, he was so popular many pegged him as a logical choice to play the Marvel/Disney incarnation of Spider Man in the studios Cinematic Universe.

Dylan O’Brien isn’t a nobody in Hollywood, who has already established himself on the small screen, with a promising big screen career is starting to take shape.

With the sequel to Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials on the horizon, O’Brien is going to add to an already impressive career.

So, you better hop on the O’Brien bandwagon  while you can, because it’s about to take off.

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