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Matt Damon’s return to the role of Jason Bourne has always been contingent on one factor, the return of director Paul Greengrass as director.

Of course, the only way to get Greengrass to come back to direct another Jason Bourne film would be to find a story and a reason to bring the character of Jason Bourne back.

In September Deadline.com reported that the two would finally be back working together on the fourth of the Jason Bourne series of which they’ve worked together on three.

On Nov. 7th, Damon confirmed to E! online that the fourth Jason Bourne film was not only moving forward but that it is slated to be released on July 16th of 2016.

While Jason Bourne has been on his lengthy hiatus, audiences have been offered Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross in the Bourne Legacy. There is also a sequel in the works for this spin-off and Justin Lin is set to direct it.

Although there are now sequels in the works for both franchises, there has not yet been any talk off crossover between the respective characters. Well, not yet anyway.

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