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Entertainment: Netflix Strikes Deal To Distribute Beasts Of No Nation

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It’s never too early to predict the next wave of Oscar nominees. Idris Elba’s newest film, Beasts of No Nation, has already garnered the actor serious buzz as a supporting actor candidate. However, could a technicality get in the way of a nomination?

Variety reported that theater chains such as Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group, AMC, and Carmike have announced that their screens will be showing the film. The decision to block Beasts of No Nation was not made due to the film itself, but rather an interesting partnership the films producers struck with online streaming service, Netflix.

Beasts of No Nation is one of the first films to negotiate a deal with Netflix that violates the 90-day delay between theater release and availability of disc media or streaming. It’s a decision that Netflix hopes will become more widespread amongst new release films. The film’s producer believes the first day Netlfix streaming will allow Beasts of No Nation to reach a more broader audience than that of theaters.

It’s important to note that despite the $12 million distribution deal with Netflix, the film will indeed be shown in smaller or privately owned theaters. This is critical for the films Oscar push, as a picture must have a theatrical release in order to be nominated, and Netflix plans a strong Oscar push for Beasts of No Nation.

With an already established set of original television programming, the streaming service hopes to become just as influential with their first release movies.

Beasts of No Nation is a guinea pig of sorts for this type of release. Netflix should be applauded for its attempt to branch out and give its subscribers the opportunity to view new release films, but whether they succeed remains to be seen.

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