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Harrison Ford Seriously Injured In Single Engine Plane Crash


March 5, 2015

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It has been reported that Harrison Ford has sustained serious injuries, after being involved in a crash involving a single engine airplane near Los Angeles.

Ford had been flying his vintage two-seat military trainer above Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California when the aircraft crash landed onto one of the greens on the course.

TMZ reported that Ford suffered multiple gashes to his head and was bleeding, and was being cared for by doctors, who already happened to be at the scene.

The Los Angeles Fire Department also verified that a “single male occupant” had been critically injured in the crash on the golf course, and was taken to a local hospital to be treated.

The 72 year old actor, who has a long history of piloting both airplanes and helicopters, has experienced multiple crashes and lived to tell the tale. Hopefully Ford will make quick and complete recovery from his injuries, following this most recent one.


Harrison Ford’s son, Ben, has taken to Twitter to update fans, and let them know that his father’s condition is not as serious as previously thought. Ford was originally said to be in critical condition following the crash, but has now been upgraded to stable.

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