Sleeping is something we all need, but lots of us don’t get enough of it. You’re not the only one, though. In fact, there are a whole ton of celebrities who have very strange sleeping habits.

We often think of celebrities and other famous people such as inventors, painters and scientists as eccentrics, and that word certainly is one way to describe some of the downright odd sleeping habits of the world’s leading modern and historical figures.

Have you ever thought that your sleeping pattern is a bit strange? Well, you’re not alone. There are lots of celebrities and theirs are more common than you might think.

Here is our list of favourites.

Tom Cruise snores really, really loud

Snoring is common, but perhaps not many people have snoring as bad as Tom Cruise who is reported to disturb people in different rooms! To fix this, Cruise has created a soundproof room in his house called a “snoratorium”, so nobody on the outside can hear him when he snores. He reportedly uses this room when he has guests staying over.

Mariah Carey sleeps for a long time

The much-loved singer known for her Christmas hit sleeps for as much as 15 hours a day. That’s not all, though. Carey sleeps in a room full of dehumidifiers to protect her vocal chords and sing properly.

Eminem blacks out his room

Placing tinfoil over the windows so as to not let any light in whatsoever and also listens to white noise to help him sleep.

Leonardo Da Vinci followed a polyphasic sleep schedule

This saw him sleep for twenty minutes every four hours, which allowed him to focus for longer on his projects.

Want to learn more about some truly strange celebrity sleeping habits? Check out our infographic below.

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