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Entertainment: The Bromans Are Coming. Is America Next?

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It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that has spawned the likes of Survivor, American Idol, X-Factor. Thanks to a new take on a growing genre, UK-based new reality show, ‘Bromans’, which places eight modern-day couples in Ancient Rome, may be one of the most anticipated of 2017.

From Big Brother to Real World and from WAGS to Housewives, Americans LOVE their reality television. Whether it is the exploits of trying to keep up with the Kardashians or the ongoing non-stop drama that was Jersey Shore, one cannot help but be taken aback by the obsession that us Yanks have for other’s real-life problems.

Perhaps it’s a chance to enjoy someone else’s schadenfreude or a chance to look through the reflective personal mirror of their own lives. And we can all thank Mother England for imparting her latest lesson on the Former Colonies.

While the concept of Bromans seems so simple, and with a nice modern twist to appease that coveted Millennial demo, Bromans will undoubtedly find it’s way to the States in one form or another.

Hipsters in Greece. Who knows?

But don’t be shocked to see Americans eventually ready to “bro down” to some Bromans.

But you gotta give props to the title alone in combing “bro” and “Romans” together. Somewhere Julius Caesar and Nero are glued to the drama.

You take a dash of Gladiator, Pompeii and Spartacus and add a reality element to it, and what you get is something like Bromans.

I’m not the biggest fan of reality television per se, but the thought of seeing eight couples running around Rome in traditional Roman clothing and “living” as they did 2,000 years ago, definitely makes for wetting one’s historical junkie appetite.

You have an attractive set of eye candy such as Tian Delgado, Natalie Gemma Hillyard, and Cherelle Perfect, Emperor’s Games and the anticipation of seeing these couples try to pocket a cool $13,000 USD. Not bad for a full days of work.

Personally, you have to wonder how such a cast will deal with no modern-day luxuries as a modern-day bathrooms, social media, cell phones and no social media.

That is right, none.

Hey, when it Rome, do as the Romans do. Bromans promises to take that concept and adverb to the next level, reality style of course.

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