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Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss as a Traveler

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By Angela Baker

Finding exciting travel experiences has never been so easy. People from all over the world are finding it more and more pleasing to discover new and interesting opportunities on their travels.

It’s often not enough to simply travel somewhere for the sake of seeing that place – people are looking for more, for an adventure that they can talk about for years on end. But what are some of the best travel experiences that you can find out there whether you write for money, design or do anything else in life?

· Surfing in Hawaii

One of the most popular places for surfing the waves in Hawaii, USA. The best thing about visiting Hawaii for your surfing experience is the fact that you can find interesting spots and surfing events anywhere you look. You don’t even have to have particular experience in surfing in order to have fun and enjoy the brisk sea wind. Hawaii is open to anyone who is willing to learn, no matter if you are into custom writing or surf for a hobby – anyone can join in and enjoy themselves.

Beginner areas such as the Waikiki Beach offer a plethora of options including specialized surfing schools, instructors and life guards that are always ready to lend you a hand. Once you are done with your own surfing activities, you can watch professionals compete in different styles and competitions and gain valuable insight into the origins of the sport itself. Make sure that you give Hawaii a proper thought since this is the number one place in the world when it comes to surfing and water sports in general.

· Cruising the Vietnam

With over 1,600 islands and small pieces of land, the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam provides one of the most breathtaking cruising experiences in the world. The river and its rainforest provide a huge variety of attractions and social events that are just begging to be explored and experienced. You can partake in cooking traditional Vietnamese dishes, dancing and singing in one of the many riverside bars and enjoy all the best that nature has to offer along the way. You also have a chance to relocate there and rest from the big, dirty and noisy city. Don`t worry about money, you simply can find kind people who will let you live with them. Instead you`ll work there for food, travel or write for money. All in all, you`ll definitely survive.

While traveling to and from Vietnam may be harder for some, planning a trip such as this should be careful and long-term. Visiting some college writing service and looking for help with planning your trip on paper might be a good idea if you want to avoid making any mistakes along the way. Going on a weeks-long river cruise in the heart of Vietnam is enough to melt the hearts and minds of anyone that gets the chance to see it at least once during their lives.

· Color Day in India

Also known as “Holi”, or the festival of colors, Color Day is a once-in-a-year manifestation that takes place all over India. Think of it as a huge city-wide parade with music, dances, animal props, confetti and lots of positive energy, all wrapped up in a huge variety of colors.

The secret of Color Day is the fact that everyone who partakes in it is obliged to throw colors all around them. These come in a variety of plastic bags and there is no danger in using them – the colors themselves come in a powder form and color anyone and anything they touch. As a result, the entire city and the people in it look like a colorful rainbow that dances and sings all day long. Seeing this event with your own eyes is a must for anyone who enjoys experiencing a bright and energetic side of a foreign culture.

· Bamboo Forest in Japan

The now-famous outskirts of Kyoto, Japan are filled with bamboos – people from all over the world come to see these unnatural forests. If you have seen a bamboo in the past, think of the forest as a magical combination of thousands of bamboo, all wrapped up in breathtaking walking paths and guided tours that give you an insight into Japan’s history.

These forests have been around for centuries and it’s only natural that they have become something of a phenomenon in today’s society. While more and more people opt for getting homework help instead of doing their own work, visiting such a majestic place is often exactly what you need to get back on track with your inner self and truly understand what it means to be a traveler.

· Mountain Biking in the USA

The United States themselves are overflowing with mountain biking opportunities, no matter which state you turn to. The most famous one is the Marin County in California, offering a rich choice of tracks and equipment to boot. Marin County has been pronounced the best mountain biking site in the US by many best writing outlets which speak volumes about the quality and number of options at hand.

Having over 2,500 hectares of land to play with, you can find most anything you need in Marin County, no matter the level of your skill. The site has everything from short, flat paths to wild and unbelievable tracks for professionals who want to truly experience what US mountain biking has to offer.



Finding interesting travel experiences is up to personal choice and taste. No two people will like the same thing and that’s the beauty of experiencing something new. Whatever your preferences and countries of choice are, make sure that you explore every possible option.

Author Bio: Angela Baker is experienced specialist who is currently working as a freelance writer in Writing Daddy – custom writing company and trying to improve herself in the blogging career. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth and is convinced that it’s always important to broaden horizons. That`s why Angela develops and improves her skills throughout the writing process to help and inspire people.

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