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Entertainment: Is Vin Diesel Hinting Involvement With Marvel’s Inhumans?

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Vin Diesel has already become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the voice of Rocket Raccoon’s humanoid walking tree of a bodyguard, named Groot, in this summer’s blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy.

Yet, it looks like he is aiming for a more visible spot, with a possible role in Marvel’s upcoming adaptation of Inhumans.

Diesel posted the image above as the cover image for his Facebook profile early yesterday. Fans of Diesel can look at the photo and assume that he is either campaigning for a role in the movie or hinting that he may already involved.

Now this wouldn’t be the first time that Diesel has put up an image that seemingly ties him to a Marvel movie without his involvement being a certainty. According to ComicBook.com, Diesel had once posted a fan created image of himself at the time that it was rumored he was in the running for the role of The Vision in Avengers 2.

Assuming that he is being sought for a role in Inhumans, the bigger question would be the part he’s up for. Would it be Black Bolt, or maybe Karnak, or maybe they want to give Lockjaw a deep gravely voice with east coast attitude.

Since the movie isn’t due out until November of 2018, there will be plenty of time for speculation as to any actor or actresses involvement in the movie. Of course it doesn’t mean we fans can’t have fun assembling our own dream casts in the meantime.



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