Marvel is always looking to make a splash when it comes to its successful Cinematic Universe. Their upcoming Phase Three film slate features some potentially risky films, and one that is peaking the interest of many is The Inhumans.

Rumors about the film are spreading fast, and while no casting choices have been discussed, some interesting news regarding a potential lead role has surfaced. Vin Diesel (Fast and The Furious, Riddick, Guardians of the Galaxy) is teasing possible involvement with the film.

On the star’s Facebook page there is a picture of the actor standing in front of a backdrop that displays the words “Are You Inhuman?” Speculation about the mysterious message has grown. Could Diesel be involved with The Inhumans?

Diesel already has one Marvel project under his belt as he is the of voice Groot in the successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. If Diesel is indeed a casting choice for The Inhumans, finding a new actor for Groot won’t be too hard. Groot says very little in the film, and his portrayal doesn’t require the actor to be seen on screen.

Marvel could select from a number of options for the character.  However, one theory is that Diesel isn’t abandoning  his character of Groot at all. In fact, it’s possible that Groot could be part of The Inhumans, and Diesel is just promoting the film in an attempt to stir up early interest.

This would be a serious departure from the comics as Groot isn’t involved in the main Inhumans story. If Diesel is indeed playing a character for the film it would be a safe bet to assume he will take on the role of Black Bolt.

Not much is known at this time about any possible involvement. It just looks like this is an attempt by Diesel to promote a future Marvel film, and so far it’s a job well done.

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