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Entertainment: Will Chris Pratt Become One Of The Magnifcent Seven?

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Antoine Fuqua is set to direct a remake of John Sturges‘ classic western from 1960, The Magnificent Seven. Sturges’ version was itself a remake of Akira Kirosawa’s classic film Seven Samurai.

To date the cast roster has consisted solely of Denzel Washington, but it appears that Fuqua is courting an actor who is very hot at the moment.

Chris Pratt is in early talks to join Washington on the project. Deadline reports that Pratt’s character, who is named Farraday, may not be modeled directly on any of the original characters. If Pratt closes the deal, his recent rise in star status could be a catalyst for other talented actors to want to join the project.

The premise of Sturges’ version of Magnificent Seven takes place after the Civil War, during the waning days of the Old West. The story is centered on a Mexican village plagued by periodic supply raids by bandits. The townspeople hire seven highly skilled American marksmen to help protect their town and their resources from a group of 40 marauders.

So far no plot synopsis have been given and thus no sure sign as to whether there will be any changes to the story, significant or otherwise. One thing is for certain, the cast needs to be solid in order to fill the shoes (or boots) of such actors as Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Eli Wallach, and Robert Vaughn.

This remake has been in development with MGM since 2012, and was supposed to star Tom Cruise. With Washington already locked in and Pratt a possibility to join him, hopefully this project will start progressing quickly.

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