Tarla Makaeff is the prime example of a resilient person overcoming some of life’s most stressful events by turning obstacles into jumping-off points. She continues to build the life of her dreams, inviting others to do the same through her courses complemented by custom coaching.

Makaeff’s mother passed away in 2014, leaving her feeling lost, confused, and alone. With no other family, she searched for something to hold on to and bring her renewed purpose in life. After finding solace through yoga and Pilates, Makaeff was introduced to a beauty opportunity that sparked her interest in online business and opened the floodgates to a multitude of passions and possibilities.

“Life changes after you lose your parents,” Makaeff said. “Life is short, and my career, while extremely successful, was still about trading my time for money. While working as a copywriter was a passion — and the art of it still is — I wanted to do something that truly mattered, something that could change other women’s lives. I didn’t feel like I was doing that just through my freelance copywriting career and making money for myself alone.”

Now, Makaeff launches various courses aimed at doing just that: Empowering her fellow women to run heart-centered online businesses that bring them as much joy as Makaeff’s does for her.


The Life of Her Dreams

Makaeff’s mission was to build for herself a redefined ‘life of her dreams’ in the wake of her recent tragedy. Part of that vision included enabling other women to do the same by building their entrepreneurial skillsets.

“We really can do anything in this life that we dream of with consistent and massive action,” Makaeff said. “I want to help women design lives they are in love with, something that’s entirely their own that can help them leave a legacy and mark on the world. That is what I mean when I say create the life of your dreams. It’s not only about your passion and purpose but about all the people on the planet who you can impact in a positive way and whose lives can completely transform simply because they discovered you. We all have something remarkable that only we can contribute to the world in our own special way and that can also bring us endless fulfillment.”


Iconic Copy Course

The Iconic Copy course is a copywriting course for creative female online business owners, slated to roll out in the Fall of 2022. Until then, Makaeff’s offerings include the long-form courses Social Star and Direct Response Launch, which provide well-rounded education for getting an online business off the ground.

“Iconic Copy will be an advanced, full-blown copywriting course for women who want to sell their offers online with hip, modern, and feminine copy that connects and converts,” Makaeff said. “It’s still under wraps until Fall, but that’s a little teaser!”


Social Star Course

Social Star is a beginner online business course. The intention in making this course, Makaeff told us, was to help creative, heart-centered women who wanted to start their purpose-filled businesses online — but had no idea where to start.

“This course literally takes them from day 1, with niche, target market, and personal branding to creating their lead magnet and email list with foundational copywriting skills, to then creating their first offer and marketing it on social media with the Social ‘STAR’ Method!” Makaeff explained.

For those who aren’t sure where to start, Social Star is the best primer course, on top of which Direct Response Launch pairs beautifully.


Direct Response Launch Course

Direct Response Launch is Makaeff’s advanced online business class.

“This course is about going from being a female content creator to a female entrepreneur,” Makaeff said.

Direct Response Launch includes higher-level thoughts that most women only figure out years into running online businesses. This course supplements Social Star with marketing and advertising strategies that go beyond the foundational work, complete with a series of advanced audio trainings that cover modern marketing strategies.

It is made up of behind-the-scenes concepts that Makaeff herself learned over her 13 years as a direct response — writing that causes the reader to take immediate action — copywriter, working at marketing agencies, and freelancing for some of the biggest brands in the world!



Additionally, Makaeff offers online business coaching as well as high-level self-love coaching for the female entrepreneur who wants to elevate and evolve in her business and life.

“I coach women who want to develop their first digital course or coaching program — the two revenue models I recommend for online business,” Makaeff said. “After these amazing women go through my business coaching, I offer private self-love coaching so they can do the inner work of a leader and personally transform to the next level — because true success is about deep fulfillment in all areas of your life.”

Makaeff is certainly a woman with a big heart, and it shows in how she speaks about her courses and her love of uplifting her fellow women. Her journey is beautiful, and we love to see how she is bringing her female peers along with her through every moment so they too can reach their desired destinations.

About Tarla Makaeff

Tarla Makaeff, The Copy Queen and Founder of the Iconic Copy Course, is bringing her vast experience as a 7-figure copywriter to help others learn how to craft their strategy and messaging for ultimate growth. Leveraging her decade-plus of agency and freelance copywriting experience, Makaeff is helping hundreds of creative, heart-centered female entrepreneurs start their purpose-filled businesses online and grow their brands with copy that converts. To learn more, visit www.tarlamakaeff.com



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