By Michael Harred

Baby boomers and even most Gen-Xer’s see career success as being employed by a company and moving up in their careers within a company, whether that is on the factory line or in the corner office.

But times have changed.

We have seen large corporations go bankrupt and people lose their jobs overnight, along with their pensions; we have seen loss of job security and loyalty on the part of companies to their employees.

At the same time, we have seen the rise of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are building companies, some with very small startup costs, that they can actually control. And in this control, they control their own futures, rather than leaving that future in the hands of others.

Typical Home Businesses that Men Can “Rock”

For those who have not thought about becoming a home-based entrepreneur, there has not been any thought about what possibilities are “out there.” And for those who have thought about making this major change, there may not have been enough thought about the full range of possibilities.

There are a huge number of home-based careers, and they are just as varied as employee-held positions all over this country. Here is just a small sampling that will be “hot” in 2017:


1. Computer Repairs: Obviously, this requires skilled knowledge, but if you have been working on computers, it may be a small step to set up your own business doing the same for individuals and small businesses.

2. Website Design/Development: While this is an ever-evolving profession, and staying current will be vital, the need for developers will not subside.

3. Software/App Development: entrepreneurs either develop their own and market it or develop it for other – again, still a big need.

4. Network Security and Administration: the continued need for those with skills in building security systems for businesses of all sizes will continue to be strong.

5. Computer Training: For the next several years at least, there are many seniors who are not proficient in computer use but who do want to be. Offering your services at senior centers and assisted-living facilities can bring in a nice income at least in the near future.

Financial Services

1. Accounting: small businesses do not have in-house accountants – they contract this service out. Good accountants can build their businesses by referrals and do very well.

2. Tax Preparation: If you can undercut the franchises, you can build a great local business for yourself, again through referrals. Or, if you prefer and have the funding, you can purchase a franchise.

3. Financial Planning: Individuals have become highly suspicious of the “big boys” in this business. If you are an experienced financial planner, breaking away from the corporate world of finance will allow you to develop trusting relationships with your clients and, again, grow your business through referrals.


1. Personal Trainer: If fitness has always been a priority for you, get some coursework in and set up your own training consultancy. There are so many possibilities – videos, online training/consulting, or traveling to individual clients’ homes.

2. Golf Coach: You may be an avid golfer – you can turn that passion into a coaching career. It may require some additional training on your part, but the startup costs are not great.

Small Engine/Appliance Repair

If you love to “tinker” and you have been your own handyman around your own home, you can start and grow a business around these types of repairs.


You may have been an HR professional, headed an IT department, or provided professional development within your corporation. You have developed exceptional skills and talents. Perhaps it’s time to take those skills and talents and provide business consulting to other “needy” organizations. There will be a high demand for outside consulting in the years to come.

Home-Based Entrepreneurship Based Upon the Residential Industry

1. Home Repair/Remodeling: If you have hands-on skills and have spent years on your own home improvements, why not take those skills and market them to others? People today are busy and are far more prone to use local handymen for their repair and remodeling needs.

2. Home Energy Auditor: Today’s consumer is very energy conscious. He wants his home to be energy efficient, not just for his own savings but in order to contribute to the larger goal of environmental health. Training is easily found, and there will be a growing need for professionals who can conduct audits and make recommendations to homeowners.

3. Property Management: If you have ever owned rental property, you understand the hassles of managing it while you are also holding down your own job. You can turn your personal experience into a business, relieving other property owners of the hassles they face. This is a business than can grow as your reputation does. Ultimately, you may move into management of commercial properties.

4. Home Inspection/Appraisal: Every time a home changes hands, an inspection and an appraisal must be done. Becoming a home inspector and/or appraiser involves a training program, much of which is now done online, and, once finished, results in a national certification. Marketing yourself through realtors can result in steady work.


From your own home, there are a myriad of freelancing opportunities for writing, and, if you are skilled, you can actually be involved in several of them at one time. The startup costs are minimal.

1. Writing for Services: There are a large number of online writing companies like paper writing service that use freelancers for a wide range of writing tasks. There are review sites that provide objective ratings of these services, so that you can choose those that are reputable and professional.

2. Blogging: many businesses that have an online presence need blogs that include regularly published posts that are engaging and attracting readers. If you have a creative writing bent, you can provide valuable writing services to these companies.

3. Ghostwriting, Editing and Proofreading: Many business professionals are not skilled writers. They use ghostwriters and editors to re-work what they write before putting it out there in reports, letters, etc. When they find a writing professional they can trust, that person has a long-term position.

4. Technical Manuals: If you have strong technical skills and knowledge, many companies are looking for technical manual writers, especially in the electronics industry.

5. Content Marketing: Blog posts are not the only type of writing that businesses need. Website content, social media profiles and posts, marketing materials, etc. are all in demand. Freelance content marketers can make a healthy living from their home offices.

Assessing Your Suitability for Entrepreneurship

Starting a home-based business is exciting. All of a sudden you are in control of your entire work life, and that is certainly attractive. The reality, however, is that well over 50% of entrepreneurs fail within the first five years. Once the initial “high” is over, it’s down to work, and hard work it is. Your product or service must be developed, expertly marketed, and you must have the financial support system in place to make it through those first few learn years. Here is a simple test:

· Are you passionate enough so that the passion will push you through the rough early years?

· Have you developed at least an informal business plan with benchmarks to check how you are doing?

· Have you checked out your competition and determined how you can do it better?

· Have you researched the market for your product or service?

· Do you have the funds to get the expertise you need that you do not possess? If you are not a marketer, for example, can you afford to contract with someone who is?

Owners of home-based businesses can answer yes to all of these questions.

Author Bio: Michael Harred is a blogger and writer. He is interested in blogging and social media. Also, being fond of design Michael illustrates books. To find more about Michael – check his Twitter and Facebook


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