Blocked Drain Cleaning Service

Every time you face blocked drainage, you are advised to seek help from professionals, but ever wondered why is this recommended? The answer is very simple, and it’s because they have the necessary experience and tools which helps them complete their task in time. With the help of these modern technologies, there are able to locate the exact cause of the blockage and where the blockage is, which saves you and their time and saves you a lot of money.

So here we have made a list of some of the many tools and equipment used by blocked drain cleaning service provider:


These are great DIY tool. For this, you can use a metal hanger and open it from one end. You can easily move into the drainage hole and fish out anything which is blocking the drainage. The manual drain snake is less effective and less efficient as compared to motorized drain snakes. The blocked drain cleaning service provider leaves the mouth of the auger in the drain, and the pipe is uncoiled until it reaches the source of the blockage; once that is found, the motor is activated to break down the clog and remove the objects blocking the drain.


This equipment uses a high-pressure jet spray of water. A hydro jet breaks the clog and also cleans the inside of the pipes with high-temperature water to remove any accumulation of oil or grease or any mineral accumulation, making your drain pipes as new as ever. A professional blocked drain cleaning service provider will always handle hydro jet with proper protective gears because the high-pressure stream of water can cause serious injuries as it can cut through like a knife. Handling this tool requires training.

Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

Video cameras

Yes, you read it right! A professional blocked drain cleaning service providers use small-sized video cameras that are attached to a long metal coil. These are miniature cameras designed to fit in different size pipes. These cameras are waterproof; hence they provide a clear live feed on a monitor or the screen. The video cameras help the plumbers to target the exact spot of the problem and start working on it as soon as possible.

Power rodding

This equipment is similar to drain snakes; the only difference is the mouth. The drain snakes have a corkscrew-like mouth whereas the power rodding tool has sharp blades. Once the motor is activated, the mouth of the power rodding tool rotates at a very high speed cutting through the clog or the blockage shredding it into pieces. Once the clog is removed, the remaining pieces are then flushed out with high pressure of water. A professional drain cleaning service provider will be trained and experienced in handling this equipment.

Chemical-based drain cleaners

Nowadays, any professional drain cleaning service providers do not use chemical-based drain cleaners because they are very harmful. These cleaners are made of acids that eat through anything in their way and completely dissolve them. These cleaners are to be handled with extra care as they can cause burns or skin allergies, or irritation. If you find any drain cleaning service provider using these chemical drain cleaners, do not employ them to clean your drainage system as it is not healthy for you and your property.


These are some of the basic equipment used by blocked drain cleaning service providers which are for residential drainage system cleaning. There are different types of equipment for heavy duty work for cleaning blocked drains of any commercial or warehouse, or industry.

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