Many men do not want to talk about symptoms of erectile dysfunction (E.D.); however, it can be extremely detrimental to relationships and self-esteem. In most cases, men have problems with an erection from time to time during their sexual history but this does not mean they suffer from erectile dysfunction. In this article, we will show you where you’re at with this problem and how you can identify it.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

How you become aroused can be complicated, and everything from your emotions to the brain, hormones play a part in it. Whenever any of these elements are out of sync, this can cause some sort of dysfunction.

There are self-tests available online that a man can do to identify the causes of his erectile dysfunction. Several symptoms suggest you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction, including:

  1. The desirability for sex is reduced
  2. Erection difficulties
  3. Erection maintenance difficulties

Who are prone to erectile dysfunction

Your risk of erectile dysfunction increases if you:

  1. Aging;
  2. Mental conditions like depression, stress, or anxiety;
  3. Have heart disease or diabetes;
  4. Drink alcohol and take drugs;
  5. Undergo treatment in the form of radiation.

Ways to prevent erectile dysfunction

You probably can’t prevent erectile dysfunction all the time, but taking care of your physical and psychological health can make a huge difference.

Here is what you can help with:

  1. Relieve yourself of your stress;
  2. See a specialist doctor for diabetes and heart disease;
  3. Avoid smoking, recreational drugs, and alcohol.

Ways to treat erectile dysfunction

While there are several treatments available to treat erectile dysfunction, not all are going to do wonders for you. It is best to consult a doctor to identify the best treatments for your condition accordingly.

Here are a few that are known to be helpful:


Shift to a healthier lifestyle

As we mentioned above, it is essential to stay healthy both psychologically and physically. In this regard, you should make efforts to lose weight and avoid toxins like alcohol.


Get proper counseling

For those experiencing relationship difficulties, couples counseling may be beneficial. If you are dealing with issues like depression and anxiety, you must see a specialist as soon as you can.

Quit watching so much porn

Men who frequently masturbate while watching porn can end up with death grip syndrome, which makes your penis less sensitive and can make it almost impossible to achieve climax. Luckily, it is possible to cure death grip syndrome by following some simple steps.


As needed, your doctor is likely to prescribe oral medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra.

In addition to these, it is often beneficial to use natural potency enhancers. The best ones include Ginco Biloba, L-arginine and Zink. Medications like MSX6 test promise a greater sense of desire for sex and bigger erections. This agent has been used repeatedly as a potency enhancer.

Various ingredients in MSX6 have been proven to promote blood production. Although it cannot be demonstrated whether or not the supplements contain potency-increasing compounds, they are safe and can be purchased both online and via pharmacies.

Treatments such as penis pumps or penile implants are generally not dependent on medications. However, penile implants are generally not considered before the failure of more conservative treatments.


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