If you’re the proud owner of a classic car, there are times when you’d rather not drive it on the highway. You might need to get it to the latest classic and custom car show that’s across the other side of the country. It may need to go to the custom car shop for some refurbishment or repair. If you’ve just bought your classic dream car online and the seller is several states away, extra mileage on the odometer will not maintain the vehicle’s value.

For all these occasions and several more, auto transport is the answer, hence the connection. You’re probably very familiar with large auto transport trailers as you regularly see them on the highway, often filled with as many as ten cars. Open car transport is a very popular way to ship cars, both for private car owners and car dealerships.

However, for classic, antique, custom, and luxury car owners, there is a better auto transport option. This particular service is known by several different names, such as enclosed car transport, classic car transportation, antique car transport, or covered car transportation, but they are the same service.

What is exotic car transportation?

Also known as luxury car transport, this is an auto transport service that offers maximum protection for the transported vehicles. Open car transport is a service that transports cars in an open trailer. This means the cars are exposed to the elements, road, and traffic grime. This might not be the best scenario for a car that is worth lots of money, however.

A company that offers classic car transport uses a trailer that is enclosed on all sides. The trailer has a roof and four sides which provides the most secure and safest environment for transporting a classic car such as a Porsche 911, Ford Model T, Jaguar E-Type, Citreon DS, Volkswagen Beetle, or Mini Cooper.

A covered car trailer can be similar to an open car trailer, although it’s more common for companies offering this kind of service to use smaller trailers. One or two-car trailers are often used, for example, when a company is shipping a rare, expensive, antique, or classic car.

The trailers used to provide exotic car transportation are either soft or hard-sided, depending on the company. A hard-sided trailer will be either aluminum, tin, or fiberglass, all of which provide excellent protection for the vehicle inside. Soft-sided trailers have canvas sides that also provide excellent protection, but not quite as much as a trailer with hard sides. Carriers use canvas-sided trailers because they offer better fuel economy, weigh less, and take up less space.

What are the benefits of using antique car transport?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose luxury car transport when you want to take your classic car to one of the many classic car shows held across the country.

  • Safety and security

Your classic car is probably going to be worth a lot of money, and even if it isn’t, you can put no price on the sentimental value it holds in your heart. Because of its value, you’re going to want the safest and most secure way to transport it. Classic car transport ticks both these boxes. Your precious motor is securely locked inside a covered trailer, safe from prying eyes and protected from the elements outside.

  • Special loading and unloading

Classic cars are sometimes modified in different ways or may have particularly low ground clearance.  Trailers used in the exotic car transportation business tend to have hydraulic lift gates or extended racing ramps to help load and unload this type of car.

  • Guaranteed protection

You may take your classic car out on the highway when the sun is shining for a quick cruise around town, but they’re not often driven on the road and tend to stay safely locked away in the owner’s garage. Unless that is, you’re bringing them out to be displayed at a classic car show. Classic cars are fragile and need to be protected from the weather and traffic debris as these can damage the vehicle. An enclosed auto transport trailer guarantees complete protection.

  • Increased insurance coverage

Carriers that offer this kind of service have increased insurance coverage because the cargo they transport tends to be worth more than the standard car.

  • Multiple car shipping

You might be the proud owner of not one but two or more classic cars. Multiple classic car shipping is an option so you can take all your vehicles to the next classic car show.

  • Door-to-door service

One final benefit of classic car transport is that the service is door-to-door. The carrier will pick your car up and deliver it to a location of your choice. It might be your home or a secure lock-up or storage facility. It can be delivered to a classic car show or your trusted classic car workshop, as long as it’s safe and legal to do so.

So there you have it. Auto transport and classic cars complement each other perfectly.




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