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ESPYS: Jimmy V Award is the perfection of perseverence

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Every year, one night all sports come to a halt. That night becomes one big spectacle known as the ESPYS. Athletes from all genres of professional sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, MMA,Tennis etc. Come together and are honored. Some athletes use the stage to promote themselves while others use that stage to talk about what’s going on in the world. Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony united to talk about the pressing issue with innocent lives being lost to police violence. Hundreds of thousands of people , from young children to adults hear these messages. For that alone the ESPYS should be congratulated.

With all the great things the ESPYS platform allows to be seen,heard and said nothing compares to when it’s time to hand out the Jimmy V award for perseverance. For those that are not quite sure who Jimmy V (Jim Valvano) is, I suggest you google him. Jimmy V was a Man of Faith, a Man of Vision, a Man of Living Life. A NCAA championship coach and most of all a man we can only hope to be half as strong as he was. He is also the man who gave arguably the greatest acceptance speech of all time, when accept the prestigious Arthur Ashe award.



And certainly we can not forget that his Jimmy V foundation has raised more then 150 million dollars in a valiant effort for cancer research.

The ESPYS presentation of the Jimmy V award for perseverance is always must see. Some of the most emotional speeches like Stuart ” Cool As The Other Side Of The¬†Pillow” Scott has giving. Kay Yow, Don Meyer and George Karl are just a few of the amazing recipients of the highly honored award. This year’s Espys added another great man to the fraternity. Another man who never gives in,a man who fights when there seems like nothing is left to fight for. Craig Sager we salute you. I’ve been watching NBA¬†basketball since I was in diapers and while the players have come and gone, Craig Sager and some of the wildest outfits have been the only constant. His speech in accepting the award was nothing short of excellent either.

The Jimmy V award for perseverance is given to people who in their most dire time are only focused on helping others. Men who don’t throw in the towel, but reset and come back out swinging. Fighters in every sense of the word.

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