Whenever the gift-giving season comes, be it Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and whatnot, a surge of panic washes over people as they come up with the best ideas for gifts to give to their loved ones. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer to that dilemma because each person is unique and therefore, you can have different ways to give a gift to that person.

As complicated as it may seem, we have actually rounded up essential tips on how to work out the best gift ideas to give someone so you can start planning:

  1. Consider what they need

This is a great starting off point to start thinking about in order to determine the perfect gift for that special someone. You might be thinking, “They’ve already got everything they need!” No, everyone has needs unfulfilled no matter how rich they may seem to be, and though it may take a lot of scrutiny to truly dissect what you could give them, here are some points that should be a great guide:

● Let’s say that the person has always had troubles in organizing their stuff in their room, the best way to let them know that you pay attention to their needs is to actually give them something related to them. You can get creative by buying them a stack of organizers with cute prints that fit their personality. So you’ve got your gift, and they’ll be able to keep their room tidy!

● Maybe that person has been so stressed with work lately. Knowing this, you can give them a gift card for a full spa treatment to let them know that everybody deserves to relax from time to time, and they will thank you for it.

  1. It’s the little things

If you really know the person, then it will be so much easier to pay attention to the little things which can give you clues on what would be the perfect present for them.

● If you notice that they constantly lose their keys and phone, then maybe it’s time to buy them one of those foldable organizers that are made of leather. With that, they can store their gadgets, chargers, keys, and even cards in just one place.

● Steal a glance at their inspiration board and see which places they’ve been dying to visit and which artist’s concert they’ve been wanting to attend. You can surprise them with a ticket for a summer getaway or a concert ticket to make sure you’re both there for each other as you sing your hearts out to your favorite songs!

  1. What about a blast from the past?

If it’s someone you have known for years or decades, then you will have a lot of factors to consider regarding what to give to that person. Try to pay attention to the things that the both of you loved back then or shared moments that the both of you have experienced together. Here are some ideas:

● Frame a photo of the both of you from your childhood days. It could be your first time at Disneyland, a Sweet 16, or your first high school prom. The moment they unwrap the present, a sweet, nostalgic smile on their face will truly show how much they appreciate it.

● Our childhood dreams can become different once we transition into adulthood. If you’ve known that your friend has always had an artistic side in them, then you can give them an easel, a blank canvas, and the basic paints to start with.

  1. Make it personal

Be cheesy and be sentimental in gift-giving because no matter what, they will appreciate the effort that you’ve put into it. You can never put too much love and thought into your present for as long as it’s sincere. Here are a few ways that you can personalize your gift:

● A scrapbook of images and pieces of memorabilia from the beginning of your relationship up to recent memories

● A customized necklace made into a style that you know they would like, and you can etch your name at the back of the pendant

● A locket with a photo of you and your siblings. This is great gift for your parents so they will always be reminded of the love in your family

  1. Make it comedic

Giving a gift to someone is an opportunity to make them cry and warm their hearts, or you can take it up a notch by making them laugh about it! Here are fun ways to take gift-giving to a whole new level:

● Let’s say your friend loves French fries so much; you can give them 5 kilograms of potatoes to last them months of making delicious fries for themselves!

● So your friend wants to be rich? Give them 20 bags of chocolate gold coins and put them all together in a treasure chest.

You will surely be making their jaws drop and stomachs hurt from laughing so hard, either way, it was thoughtful of you!

Giving gifts to someone doesn’t always have to come at a wallet-emptying price, it’s true when they say it’s the thought that counts, and it’s the creativity that takes it to a whole other level. You can also find gifts online to help with making a competitive purchase when it comes to price. Good luck!



Author Bio: Bridgette Goodwill aims to provide the spirit of creativity through all her works, which she tries to do as a writer for Epic Gifts. She does her own passion projects such as do-it-yourself decorations and other creative endeavors during her free time. She loves to find gifts online in her spare time. Her pieces provide a creative spark that’s sure to entertain and motivate readers.

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