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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

You get out what you put in—this is a principle which pretty much characterizes all aspects of life. If you want a wild bachelor party when you get married, the stag events you throw must themselves be historic. Following is a list of considerations you’ll need to make in order to ensure you help a close friend leave the single life with a bang.

1. Wild Is Good

A “Stag Do” will benefit from being a little bit risky. Granted, you don’t want anybody to get injured, but you may want to tear something up. There are ways to exercise such violent desires without damaging reputations. For example, you might have a car otherwise headed to be crushed at the dump brought in for drunken dismemberment.

Instead of “pin the tail on the donkey”, you might have a round of drunken windshield destruction incorporating a cricket bat and a blindfold. The groom gets the first shot, then everybody joins in until the car is no more. If you can’t get an exotic dancer for some reason, strategies like these can be integral.

You might additionally go out into the mountains with a conglomeration of fireworks, firearms, and just plain fire—provided there’s one sober gent to keep everyone on an even keel!

2. Don’t Be Cliché

A stag party need not necessarily incorporate strippers and alcohol, though these things are generally associated with the occasion. Still, the reason is the celebration of a man’s transition from a single lifestyle to a married one. You’re celebrating them, and their future life.

You don’t want to compromise that unnecessarily. So don’t limit yourself in scope to the ideas which have come to characterize film and anecdote. The key is doing something fun, festive, and wild; none of those adjectives require adverse sensualism.

That’s not to say it should be avoided, but just imagine a bachelorette party with those nasty phallic straws and low-wear. Kind of annoys a bloke, doesn’t it? Why merely be a male version of that? There’s more to manhood! Hire a band, or a disk jockey, or a comedian, or a traveling circus—think outside the box!

3. Camaraderie Is More Important Than Sensualism

The bachelor of honor may soon be in a position where all the crazy good times he spent with friends like you have come to an end. Especially if you are a group of hooligans, you’ve got to get one more rager in the mix before he’s gone for good. If you’re too pent up on one approach, you’ll miss the forest for the trees. Rather, focus on facilitating the party of parties for you and your boys. What’s the most important? The camaraderie of your group. Your friendship! Celebrate that.

disk jockey

4. Force His Hand!

All these things being said, he shouldn’t be in total control. Ensure he doesn’t do something that’ll ruin the subsequent wedding, but don’t let him call the shots! He’ll likely be a stick in the mud if you let him! Most of the time a stag party is thrown by the best man. Be the best man! You be in control, but get him out of his comfort zone!

5. Don’t Solely Rely On Your Own Imagination

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s got good and bad ideas, and everybody’s got limits. Your party could be a kegger on the beach or in the woods, you could take over a nightclub downtown or organize a traveling event on a party bus. There are a lot of options; don’t limit yourself to what you can imagine. Supplement your imagination with groups who specialize in such occasions.

For a wicked stag do in Queensland New Zealand, party ideas from Wicked Stag can help you have a soiree for the ages; a rager that’ll be remembered years down the line, and something that may even prompt your mates to throw you just such a celebration when you yourself are on the matrimony chopping block.

A Bachelor Party To Take Pride In

You may want to travel (just avoid any long trips on holidays), you may want to stay local, you may want to get exotic dancers, or the whole thing may be a sober affair studded in hunting forays through the brush. Last, but not least, do something everyone involved is going to have fun being a part of.

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