Window shutters are the latest stylish addition to your windows. They enhance the look of your windows. Many designs and styles of window shutters are now available in the market. You can get window shutters from companies such as, of different types these days. Basically, they are available in two basic types – external and internal window shutters.

External window shutters are the newest stylish addition to your house. They provide your house a perfect look and protection from outside. Both indoor and external window shutters are in huge demand and why not they have completely changed the way of how you can enhance the beauty of your windows. External window shutters come in the customizable finish also. You can easily design them as per your choice and house requirements.

Moreover, they are quite quick in installation, by contractors such as Roller Shutters Adelaide, and thus you can get your ready-made external window shutter within some days only. Enjoy them in your new home and you won’t stop hearing praises from your guests.

External Window Shutters are Mostly of Two Types:

  1. Decorative External Window Shutter: These are used only for the purpose of decoration and thus you can play with them or enhance them as per your choice. They come in many color and designs. You can also buy them in raw form and then paint them as per your choice.
  2. Protective External Window Shutter: Next comes the external window shutter. These external window shutters are used mostly for the primary purpose of protection. They come in a durable format and thus last for longer. They are a bit pricey but when you use them over the years then these become economical and much more pocket-friendly.

External window shutters come in different materials. One of the most common external window shutter material is MDF which is also known as medium density fiber. Other than this, you will get external window shutter in vinyl, synthetic foam, wood, synthetic wood, basswood. Basswood is a very popular material in external window shutter. It is because it is quite cheaper and pocket-friendly as compared to the wood, but the finish is very similar to wood. Of course, the longevity and durability part are also lesser than wood but still, it is much better than other materials of external window shutters.

As per the construction, external window shutters come in different types. Some of the most common four types of external window shutters are as follows:

  1. Raised Panel External Window Shutter: They have a lower profile as compared to other external window shutters and that’s why they go easily with any other window type. These are the raised ones and they look similar to the doors and kitchen cabinets.
  2. Board and Batten External Window Shutter: They are usually one to three boards which are raised in and held together with a thin cross panel. They are held horizontally at angles which are closer to shutters. They have a rustic finish which makes it look like an old-world look.
  1. Bahama External Window Shutter: Bahama shutters are also known as Bermuda shutters. They are usually hung over your window and help in getting light and air fully inside. And when you witness diverse climatic conditions then you can lower the shutter and thus your house will be protected from the dust outside.
  1. Louvered External Window Shutter: These are the external window shutters which allow air and light to pass through. These are more defined from the low line shutters and thus they look best with classic and old or ornate houses.

In a nutshell, the external window shutters can add a classic look to your house without breaking your budget.





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