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In today’s world, the internet is a central part of any business model. According to Marketing Consultant Faisal Sharaf, an effective digital marketing campaign can be the difference between a thriving enterprise and a failed venture.

After getting an MBA in Marketing, Sharaf developed his expertise in social media and digital marketing. He uses his skills and digital marketing prowess to help businesses in Bahrain, where he is now Manager of Kingston Studies. Sharaf shares his five best tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

1. Set Goals for your Campaigns

The digital market is always evolving. So Sharaf recommends that every time you employ a new digital marketing strategy, you must set goals. These goals should be specific and measurable. If you can measure them, you can evaluate their success. Sharaf recommends using tools like Google Analytics to determine how effective individual marketing strategies are.

2. Be Mobile-First

Sometimes, people will come across your digital marketing ads when they’re sitting at a computer. But more often than not, people will be seeing your ads on their mobile phones. Sharaf says it’s essential to make your ads mobile-friendly. If they don’t look good on a smartphone, you’re going to lose a lot of potential hits.

3. Create Shareable Content

Sharaf’s background in social media studies is a significant influence on his digital marketing strategies. According to Sharaf, your ads absolutely must be shareable on social media. A good ad is one that a) takes your target customer to your site, and b) gets them to share the ad with others. Preferably, this share takes place on Instagram or Facebook.

4. Define Your Demographics

Speaking of your target audience, make sure you know exactly who they are. Your target demographic will determine what marketing strategies are effective. For example, you wouldn’t talk to your grandmother the same way you would speak to a bank teller. Make sure you’re addressing your audience appropriately.

5. Use Your Voice

According to Sharaf, profitable digital marketing campaigns have a voice. The voice represents the brand and sounds conversational. This makes your audience feel like your brand has personality, and therefore is more accessible.

In this digital age, digital marketing can be overwhelming. Digital marketing has the potential to help you grow your brand and business substantially, provided you’re well prepared. According to Sharaf, knowing these five tips will put you on the road to success.

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