There’s a color that never goes out of style: brown !!! And we love that color, do not we? Regardless of the tonality, brown is always neutral – without being invisible – substantial and sober. A color that combines with everything from small accessories and detail in the clothes to complete looks and well produced.
To blast in the winter (and in the fall too, of course), know how you can use and abuse brown in your day to day! Yes, it has all the likes!!!

Bags, backpacks, boots, skirts, sneakers, glasses, hats, belts, bracelets, scarves, options are numerous and have in all shapes and sizes. Also, do not be afraid to combine brown with a more vivid color, such as blue or red: it looks gorgeous the same way!

Everyone’s darlings also come full force in brown color! Be it in a more vibrant tone or in a less flashy tone, the truth is that Maarom pants will steal the streets from all over the world! Now the style of the pants … this is already up to you!

Jacket / Jacket / Overcoat
As we are talking about winter, of course the jackets, coats, blazers and overcoats could not be left out! To match the season, bet on the combination of jeans, sweatpants and sweaters + jacket / coat / overcoat. There is no mistake! In addition, you can combine with boots, boots and even sneakers! And on the ZAFUL website you will find several looks with this color.

Yes, it’s cold! But that does not mean that skirts need to be left out in your wardrobe. On those milder days, opt for shirts or long-sleeved shirts, blazers or leather jackets! It is worth wearing blanket, scarf or scarf too. And on colder days, pick out those lovely tights you have or put your boot over the knee and ruin!

For dresses, the rule is the same as for skirts! Wear tights or long boots, t-shirts and jackets on top and just be yourself! What really is worth is to put your personality in your looks, the rest is only consequence!

All brown
Do not think brown + brown is ugly! Because it is not! Quite the contrary, by mixing the right shades and the right fabrics, the look can look perfect! Choose not to completely disagree on the shade of brown in the look in question, just make one piece complement the other! And, yes, brown accessories can also be used on this occasion! You can see more here.

And of course, brown does not come in the clothes alone, no! In addition to accessories and footwear, it is also possible to invest in nail color, makeup and even hair. Do not be afraid to radically change, make a presence and be yourself!

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