It’s a fact that belly fat is dangerous, and something which increases the chances of serious illness in both men and women. Plus it doesn’t look great, so plenty of people are keen to find a way to shift it. Could the Lean Belly Breakthrough system be the answer so many have been searching for?

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What is the Lean Belly Breakthrough system?

The brainchild of Bruce Krahn, a fitness guru to the stars, Lean Belly focuses on using herbs, spices and basic food to break down stubborn fat laid down over time. It is aimed at customers over 30 years old, and mentions the need for balance in life to achieve goals.

Is this really a valid eating program?

Don’t let the celebrity fitness angle put you off, as Brue Kahn actually worked with a genuine medical doctor to create the Lean Belly Breakthrough system. Together they claim that eating good food and exercising for just a couple of minutes a day will make the weight drop off and could also stop chronic diseases you have suffered due to weight. Bear in mind that the doctor involved in this program has chosen to mask his real identity before deciding on how valid the claims are.

Take me through the 9 sections of the Lean Belly Breakthrough system

Phase 1 looks at the belly fat busting superheroes, which includes popular herbs and spices.

Phase 2 reveals the food considered ‘bad’, for both general health and this program. To sweeten this though is a set of ideas for low sugar desserts.

Phases 3 -6 are the key to the program, and the emphasis here is on how to blast that problem fat away.

Phase 7 looks at common body image and weight issues.

Phase 8 includes recipes designed for healthy hearts and diabetic sufferers.

The final phase delivers to your inbox a meal plan to boost your metabolism and some videos to help you follow things more easily.

Is this the right weight loss program for you?

It’s difficult to recommend the Lean Belly Breakthrough system largely because there simply is very little clear information on what it actually involves. Vague referrals to herbs and magic exercises will perhaps become clearer once you have paid to access the system? Those who have left reviews on independent sites complain it is presented in a way that is needlessly difficult to follow, yet much of the information given is pretty much common knowledge. [Such as ‘get a good night’s sleep to be healthy’, or, ‘Don’t miss breakfast or your body will not work efficiently’.]

It’s human nature to be tempted by programs which claim you can lose thirty pounds a month, every month, until you reach your target weight, but in reality this is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Until the Lean Belly Breakthrough diet can be more transparent about its methods and advice it is best approached warily.

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