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FanShout! My Extremely Bold And Crazy Predictions For The AFC East

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I am not quite sure if it is the video games that come out and allow us to have so much authority in changing things in the NFL, or just our imagination, but do you ever wonder what crazy trades could happen?

I mean for example, no one, and I mean no one, could have predicted that Nick Foles and Sam Bradford would have team-swapped. Which got my buddy Brandon and I thinking, what about all the other crazy things that could happen?

We decided to come up with one crazy prediction for each division, and share what we came up. Now of course, we are not saying that this will happen for sure, but it is hypothetical and in the NFL anything can happen.

For the first division we will start with the AFC East, starting with my favorite, The New York Jets.

The New York Jets have made an unexpected 3-1 start, and making many people question of how good is this team really going to be, but that’s not why I am here. The extremely bold prediction for this team is that they will trade away Sheldon Richardson another team for a running back or a tight end.

Look as much as I love having a dominating defensive line, the Jets have spent the majority of the first round picks in the past on the defensive line, and with Muhammad Wilkerson’s contract expiring at the end of this year, and the addition of Leonard Williams, it would make sense for the Jets to clear up some cap space and add another threat to the back field with Chris Ivory.

A possible trade with the Philadelphia Eagles would make sense, assuming their defense continues to struggle and they have a multitude of running backs on the bench. While this trade may happen before the trade deadline, it would make sense, especially if Sheldon Richardson does not come back as expected.

For the Miami Dolphins, they recently just fired their head coach, due to a terrible season this year, and a rough ending to the season before that. While their new head coach has no coaching experience, is a former player, and was a tight end coach, he was named the new interim head coach until another coach has been hired/selected.

With that being said, most former players who become coaches, do not do very well, and add in the fact that he still sounds and acts like a player, does not help the cause. New coach Dan Campbell will have a hard time with creating a “iron fist” in that locker room, and the GM and owner will look for a head coach that influences toughness in the locker room. Possibly a head coach sighting of Charlie Strong…?

Now the Buffalo Bills, they are currently going through an offensive identity crisis. Currently, Rex Ryan was blessed with a defensive team that should be within the Top 5 of all defenses in the league, a running back that will be able to handle a large amount of carries, and a quarterback that is able to be a game manager.

While this was the main identity at first, LeSean McCoy became injured, causing a small amount of carries, and all of Tyrod Taylors receivers have become injured, which leaves Rex Ryan with one option. To trade draft picks and players to receive a veteran wide receiver to be able to help Tyrod improve his game and relieve some pressure from LeSean and Tyrod. A potential trade to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or to the San Francisco 49ers would be ideal, since they are in need of help in a lot of other areas

Finally, the New England Patriots, will unfortunately *sarcasm* have a slump in the season and will miss the playoffs, causing Tom Brady to think about retirement. This is only being said because Tom Brady is carrying that team week in and week out, and there is going to be a team or a player that is going to intentionally attempt to injury Tom.

If that happens, Brady may consider retirement, to ensure that his livelihood and family will be safe. The New England Patriots may miss the playoffs and this will raise questions of if Brady should be playing, or if they should give the back-up Jimmy a shot to ensure that they can save a players career and life.

This is obviously things that could potentially happen and we are not saying that they definitely will, but anything can happen in the NFL. What do you think could happen in the AFC East, and we will have more coming to you next week tune in for the AFC North division preview!

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