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Opinion: Why An Attack on Muslim Rights, Is An Attack On All

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Recently, right-wing Christian groups have formed a Facebook page called Global Rally for Humanity calling for all Bible-and-Jesus loving “patriots” around the world to go to the local mosques in their cities with weapons in order to show Muslims that they do not want them in their cities.

This is just the latest attempt by extreme right-wing hate groups to try and intimidate Muslims. Earlier this year, they organized a Draw Muhammad contest which was organized in front of a mosque in Arizona with many people showing up carrying weapons.

This was followed by another rally in Dearborn, MI by Islamophobic Christians which prevented the building of an Islāmic center. The local government was bullied into not allowing for the Muslims to build a new Islāmic center in violation of the First Amendment.

The irony is that the people claiming to be the most Patriotic are the ones destroying the American Constitution. The American Constitution was designed to protect the religious rights of all people. These right-wing Christians do not want this to apply to Muslims.

They say that Muslims are not afforded religious liberty because Islam wants to subjugate everyone under Islamic law. So they are saying that it is the Muslims that are the intolerant ones. By fighting what they perceive to be the monster, they have become the monster.

However, this cannot be seen as an attack on Christians and saying that they are intolerant. In fact I am sure that we will see Christians opposed to this behavior and support the Muslims’ right to worship.

Which leads us to comments left on Global Rally for Humanity’s Facebook page by their supporters. Not only are people calling for the extermination of refuges coming to America is spies, but also the arrest and death of anyone as traitors who supports the Muslims. If this is not scary rhetoric that shows a serious problem within American culture, then I do not know what does.

This fact is not unknown overseas. People overseas are not stupid and know very well how hypocritical that these people are. This is even worse when America itself has always pushed the idea that it is the bastion of religious liberty and freedom and yet one religious group is being so openly discriminated against that the silence is deafening.

People overseas are asking, “Why is the American government allowing for Muslims to be bullied? Where is the religious tolerance?” This is causing for America to lose its legitimacy in the eyes of the world.

The same people that have notices the intolerance displayed towards Muslims have also seen the hypocrisy in how American Blacks are treated by American Law enforcement. The same people that are attacking the Muslims are also attacking the #BlackLivesMatter movement by saying that it is a racist organization intent on killing White people. These people are very astute at taking the victims and making them the culprits.

When looking at the word “humanity”, and the definition, one would see that it is inclusive of all humans and that we should act humanely towards our fellow human, so for a group to refer to itself as a global rally for humanity is very deceptive. These people do not care about their fellow humans unless they are Christians. One of them even messaged me and told me the only good Muslim is a reverted one. When I asked him, “revert to what?” he said, “Christianity”.

Even though there is not a consensus of what the word ‘terrorism’ means, we can all agree that terrorism is when violence and intimidation is used for political gain. These people are threatening violence and are going to houses of worship where families go to pray in order to cause people to no longer go there.

This is terrorism.

When people leave messages talking about exterminating all Muslim ‘vermin’ as spies and anyone that supports them for treason is terrorism. When people are calling openly for the slaughter of a religious group under the guise of ‘patriotism’ or Christianity, this is terrorism.

Our Prophet told us to take a wrong action and to return it with a good action. We must as Muslims show the good behavior of our Prophet and understand that most of these people have been duped by the Fox News Kool-Aid.

Most of these people are very provincial in their thinking and are intellectually bankrupt. They are not able to think rationally but are overcome with emotions driven by irrational fears as can be seen by the reasons for holding these rallies at American Mosques.

They have listed as the three main reasons for these rallies as: 1. Protest against the Million Man March 20 years ago; 2. Protest against the Iran nuclear power deal; 3. Protest against Syrian refugees coming to the United States.

The Million Man March was organized by the Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan 20 years ago to bring unity to people in the Black community and to get them to stop killing each other. This happened during a time when black-on-black crime was at an all-time high due to gang violence. Since then there has been a truce between Crips and Bloods which has resulted in less gang violence at least in California.

And despite popular belief, the Iran nuclear power deal was not just between the United States and Iran as Fox News would fool everyone into believing. Instead, it also involved Russia, China, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. U.N. inspectors will be at the Iranian facilities 24/7 unlike what Fox News would have people believe.

There is no way that Iran self-inspects itself. This is a lie meant to put people in fear to make the U.S. pull out of the deal. If the U.S. pulls out, all legitimacy that the America has worked so hard for as the world’s leader to do the right thing will be lost and we will feel full repercussions. The world is larger than America and unfortunately the right-wing is too ignorant to understand this.

If the USA would not have invaded Iraq on the false premise of WMD’s so that they could get Iraqi oil, we would have never seen the rise of Daa’ish which caused the largest refugee crisis in the world since WWII.

The instability and chaos created in the Middle East because of the war is just beginning to reach a crisis stage and will get much worse before it gets better. A short look at history would also show that Europeans fled as refugees to North Africa during WWII and were accepted with open arms.

In no way is this article meant to blame all Christians for the behavior of the right-wing. This would not be fair and would make me no better than the right-wingers that blame all Muslims for the acts of groups of terrorists and want us to apologize all day every day for the actions of these people.

If the rest of the American populace does not unite together and stand up against these bullies to show that this is not what this country was founded upon, and it is allowed for the Muslims to be openly bullied, then the long-held belief of America as a social experiment will have been lost.

The United States will no longer have the right to say that they are for the liberties of all. Once this happens then I am afraid that the entire world will fall into darkness. We cannot let these people win. We must stick together. An attack on one people’s rights is an attack on us all.

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