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Fantasy Football Consistency: – Week 4 Review – QB

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DeShaun Watson is showing that maybe rookies can be consistent with his second straight Clutch Game and taking the #1 spot this week!

Consistency. Any educated fantasy owner knows that you need your Fantasy Football players to be not only good, but also consistently good! It’s a proven fact that the more consistent your Fantasy players are throughout the season, the better chance that you’ll have to win. More wins equals playoffs and playoffs can turn into championships! That’s why I’ll be here each week to help you identify the most consistent Fantasy football players in your quest towards a Fantasy championship.

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A quick recap for those unfamiliar with the Clutch Games system.  The Head-to-Head (H2H) format in Fantasy Football leads to the need for consistency. Many teams have been near the top of their league in scoring, but miss the playoffs by one or two games. Many will call it “bad luck” and that’s partially true. Injuries to key players, bad weather, etc. are situations that affect our Fantasy teams, but are uncontrollable. However, there is one aspect of Fantasy football that you can control. The consistency of your team!

A Clutch Game is awarded to a player each week when they exceed the Clutch Game Factor in your league for that position. The more Clutch Games a player is awarded each year, the more consistent that player is and the more beneficial they are to your Fantasy team.

The scoring method used will be 1 point per 20 yards passing and 4 points for passing touchdowns; 1 point per 10 yards rushing and receiving; 1 point per reception; and 6 points for any rushing/receiving touchdown.

So, let’s review Week 4 for the quarterbacks…

Rank Player Team Score
1 Deshaun Watson HOU 37.55
2 Cam Newton CAR 37.20
3 Andy Dalton CIN 33.20
4 Eli Manning NYG 30.60
5 Russell Wilson SEA 30.55
6 Alex Smith KC 30.25
7 Jameis Winston TB 29.80
8 Dak Prescott DAL 26.10
9 Philip Rivers LAC 25.35
10 Aaron Rodgers GB 24.85
11 Tom Brady NE 23.55
12 Kirk Cousins WAS 23.35
13 Drew Brees NO 21.70
14 Carson Palmer ARI 20.95
15 Jared Goff LAR 20.65



The quarterbacks were a little over the normal average of 12 with 15 quarterbacks earning Clutch Games. The Big Three are here as normal. Cam Newton finally woke up this week and realized he didn’t stink. Russell Wilson had a poor first half versus the Colts and then he remembered he was playing the Colts and tore up the second half.

Some other quarterbacks have earned three out of four Clutch Games and look like they’re starting to show some consistency. These include Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers. Palmer was left for dead after a terrible Week 1 and now he has earned three straight Clutch Games. From this week forward, you will see the YTD Consistency chart at the bottom of the article. Only Aaron Rodgers and Dak Prescott remain perfectly consistent through Week 4!


Andy Dalton earned his first Clutch Game of 2017. Of course, it was against the Browns, so let’s not get too excited just yet. Alex Smith is currently ranked second in total points for the year, but is only 50% Consistent. I would expect this to happen for most of the season.

With a lack of a running game, Jameis Winston has a 67% Clutch Rating through his first three games. Doug Martin returns this week, but the Bucs plays the Patriots, so I’d expect another Clutch Game from Winston. Jared Goff earned his second straight Clutch Game and has the Rams offense buzzing right now.


If you’re looking for some waiver wire pickups to help with your team this week, grab the following players: Jared Goff.

Here is a group of those “bad” surprises, quarterbacks who didn’t earn a Clutch Game this week. Many of those poor Fantasy owners who grabbed one of these quarterbacks early in their drafts cannot be happy with their performance. Matt Ryan has missed the cut THREE straight weeks and this week has a BYE! UGH! Derek Carr’s poor performance and back injury was a double kick in the groin this week!


Rank Player Team Score
16 Marcus Mariota TEN 18.70
17 Carson Wentz PHI 17.50
18 Matt Ryan ATL 14.90
23 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 13.70
24 Trevor Siemian DEN 13.05
26 Derek Carr OAK 11.15
30 Matthew Stafford DET 10.15




Player Name Total Points Rank  Total CG Total GP CR
Aaron Rodgers 99.40 3 4 4 100%
Dak Prescott 90.95 6 4 4 100%
Tom Brady 111.65 1 3 4 75%
Drew Brees 89.05 7 3 4 75%
Carson Palmer 80.75 12 3 4 75%
Philip Rivers 75.35 17 3 4 75%
Jameis Winston 66.10 23 2 3 67%
Alex Smith 100.25 2 2 4 50%
Russell Wilson 97.00 4 2 4 50%
Deshaun Watson 91.35 5 2 4 50%
Kirk Cousins 85.45 8 2 4 50%
Carson Wentz 84.60 9 2 4 50%
Eli Manning 83.75 10 2 4 50%
Jared Goff 80.95 11 2 4 50%
Trevor Siemian 79.00 14 2 4 50%
Marcus Mariota 78.20 15 2 4 50%
Tyrod Taylor 68.00 21 2 4 50%
Derek Carr 64.35 24 2 4 50%
DeShone Kizer 63.90 25 2 4 50%
Case Keenum 51.55 30 1 3 33%
Cam Newton 80.10 13 1 4 25%
Matthew Stafford 76.65 16 1 4 25%
Matt Ryan 73.05 18 1 4 25%
Blake Bortles 71.40 19 1 4 25%
Ben Roethlisberger 69.35 20 1 4 25%
Andy Dalton 68.00 22 1 4 25%


Remember, one week does not consistency make! Many of the quarterbacks will kill your Fantasy season if you jump on them on the waiver wire expecting weekly Fantasy scores like this. Be patient….consistency will come.

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