Necklaces and bracelets are a piece of jewelry which enhances the beauty of a woman and makes her look pretty and elegant. A of materials are used in modern time to make jewelry such as gold, silver, platinum, and white gold. These are made prettier with gemstones added to the metal for a uniquely elegant look. In the present time customized jewelry is very much in demand. Necklace with name has gained a lot of popularity, and every single woman like and wants a necklace with her name engraved on it.

Types of Name Necklaces:

There is a collection of modern name necklaces which carry personal identification and looks wonderful when worn. Following are some its types:

· Simple Letter Necklace: The initial letter necklace is something which seems truly classic and is timeless which would look perfect with any sort of outfit.

· Decorative Type Necklace: You could include flowers, berries, and leaves to your personalized necklaces. This will look really stylish and girly. It will also give an impression of Victorian jewelry.

· Designer’s Necklace: With an increase in popularity, name necklaces are also being manufactured by renowned designers.

· Triangle Style Necklace: A triangle necklace with your name written on it will make you look cool. This could be made in gold, rose gold and silver.

· Ink Lovers Design Necklace: Handmade tattoo style name necklace is a great way to show your identification and feelings.

· Hashtag Necklace: Due to increased use of social media, many women are wearing necklaces to give the idea about their thoughts. It’s a perfect piece for social media lovers.

Benefits of Name Necklaces:

You could create a fantastic name necklace which matches your taste. It could also become a meaningful gift. Some of the top reasons to invest in custom made name necklaces are:

1. Designed From a Scratch: A major benefit is that it is unique and made to stand out from all other accessories. You could design it yourself so that it matches your personality and choice.

2. Selecting the material according to the Taste: Material of the name necklace could be selected according to your taste and affordability as it looks beautiful on all the metals. Moreover, people have the option of selecting the color, size, and number of gemstones according to their requirement.

3. Create an Heirloom: Personalized name necklaces are personally designed and well crafted which could create a tradition in the family passing from family member to family member.

4. Creating a Style Statement: By choosing the font, color, finishing, and style according to your choice, you could create a fashion statement for others.


Name necklaces are available in a wide range of shops and could easily be bought online on With just a little creativity, you can make a necklace which would describe your personality and give you a feeling of satisfaction. It has become an item which looks trendy and can be worn anywhere at any time.

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