With an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is the world’s most popular sport.  Featuring 211 professional teams who are members of the governing body FIFA, there are numerous teams to support from many different countries.

Of course, each team offers fans the chance to purchase their own replica football shirt to allow you to fully support your beloved team, with home shirts, away shirts, third choice shirts, and special edition shirts available for you to collect.

For the serious football fan, however, there is nothing better than a classic football kit, emblazoned across the back with the name of your childhood hero, reviving nostalgic memories and the excitement of vintage matches.


Collecting Retro Shirts

Retro football shirts are a collector’s dream, available in numerous different designs with a vast array of player names.  Some of the biggest vintage football kit collectors globally are actually famous footballers themselves, with star player Lionel Messi holding one of the biggest collections.

Messi has partially achieved such a vast collection through swapping shirts with players after football matches, as well as sourcing special edition classic football shirts that are incredibly valuable.

No doubt, part of Messi’s retro football kit collection acts as a collection of memories from key matches and special moments, whilst many other shirts featuring in Messi’s collection provide a nostalgic link to his childhood and pre-playing days.


Special Edition Vintage

As well as collecting the classic football kits that are available for your favorite team and collecting retro shirts from special matches and as worn by incredible players, there are also eye-catching special edition shirts that may attract the collector due to the rare combination of colors used or a spectacularly unique pattern.

Wild designs and colored patterns are a common trait for goalkeeper shirts, particularly from the nostalgic 1990’s era and the dawn of the Premier League as we know it today.  Likewise, there is also a substantial market for retro football shorts, particularly the substantially short playing shorts from the 1970s and the 1980s, through to the much longer football playing shorts of the later 1990s to the present day.

Seemingly, through collecting the classic football kit, you can additionally see the difference in fashion styles throughout the decades reflected through the style of clothing.


A Collector’s Investment

For a serious collector, classic football shirts and other memorabilia can become a fantastic investment opportunity, with many shirts being worth several hundred pounds and rare, special edition retro football shirts fetching an even higher monetary value.

Once your collection has gained pace, you could find that your classic football kit collection has become a vast investment that you will be proud to call your own.  You could then decide to display your collection using a wide range of options such as frames to show your vintage shirts to a high standard as well as ensuring that your football shirts remain in very good condition.  Remember that the higher the quality and condition of your shirt, the more money that it will be worth to other collectors.


Classic Football Kits

If you have become compelled to begin a classic football shirt collection, then make a visit to the Classic Football Kit website, where you will discover a wide range of football shirts spanning the decades and enveloping the globe.

You can also request for their team of experts to search for any specially requested retro football shirt that you would love to own, perhaps from your all time favorite player or your most memorable football match.

Furthermore, if you have any vintage football shirts lurking in your cupboards or stored away safely in your loft, then the experts at Classic Football Kit would be interested in possibly purchasing your shirt and making you a monetary offer that may contribute towards something that you are aiming to save for.



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