When it comes to traveling, we want to make our journey as smooth and as easy as possible. We need to be comfortable but we want to travel without having to carry heavy and awkward pieces of luggage.

For the experienced travelers amongst us, we have learned from previous mistakes and we look for lighter travel options so instead of traveling with heavy towel, we check with our accommodation to verify if they are provided and instead of packing a lot of toiletries, we may choose to purchase them at the accommodation.

What about a jacket, what type of jacket is best to travel with?

If we are traveling from a cold climate to a warm climate for example, you would require the jacket to keep you warm for the initial stages of your journey and perhaps on the plane if you are flying. It could be that you are traveling to the airport and can leave your jacket in the car but often such is not the case and you would have to take the jacket with you.

It therefore would have to be packable and lightweight so that you are not adding significantly to the weight of your luggage. You can purchase lightweight options that are filled with feather and down which should satisfy your purpose. The internet can give you ideas which jacket best suits you.

You may also check one weird globe’s guide to travel jackets for a start.

If you are traveling to a climate which requires you to have a warm outer layer, you may need to choose more carefully. Again you can use the feather and down options but you may need to ensure that it has a waterproof quality too and perhaps a good hood. There are some incredibly light and incredibly warm jackets on the market that are extremely robust.

What about pockets? Pockets and lots of them are extremely important for all sorts of travel, not only to store travel documents but to store pieces of equipment and other accessories. Manufacturers have responded to the needs of the hardened traveler and have created jackets with multiple pockets and compartments where you can store your tablet, phone, a drink, headphones and sunglasses etc. and being in separate compartments, each piece of equipment is protected. There are even jackets with built in gloves and hand warming facilities.

Style can also be very important and the good news is that the variety of jackets on offer come with different color options, different lengths, different weights and many different features.

There is something for all budgets too. If you are looking for a fully waterproof version, that will obviously cost more that the showerproof version and having a super warm, super light version can also add to the cost.

Examine your travel needs and decide on what is going to work for you. There are super lightweight versions available that can fold into very small packages and take up very little packing space. With the range of advanced materials available, the jacket can spring back from its folded position, crease free and be worn without ironing.

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