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Ding. Ding.

In case you haven’t already heard or haven’t followed their race-baiting, smack-talking four-city two-continent international promotional tour that has been Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

The Money Team vs. Notorious. The sweet science vs. mixed martial arts and two proud, brash loud-talking individuals from two different cultures and backgrounds going head-to-head in the “Match of the New Century”.

Will it live up to the hype, who knows? Will it break pay-per-view records? Yes. Regardless, this will be THE MOST over-hyped summer sporting event since Mayweather vs. Pac-Man.

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One person who will likely have a rooting interest in the upcoming mega-fight event is INSCMagazine Summer Cover girl, Lynnsey Speer. Speer, a 23-year-old lingerie/promotional model and MMA ring girl, has worked for the likes of TNT Fights, Full Contact Productions, Castricones Boxing, & Ground Force Fights, is one of the hottest names and faces in the world of ring girls.

At a head-turning 5’7 with curves for days and a set of flowing red hair, the part Cuban, German and Italian Speer is the epitome of today’s modern shapely woman with a real figure and proudly embracing it. In addition to being a ring girl and model, Speer is also an avid car junkie, licensed cosmetologist and aspiring fashion gown designer.

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Model. Gearhead and MMA Ring Girl. Speer is every guy’s wet dream. Inside and outside of the octagon, Speer is a knockout to behold. Below is my Q and A with the INSCMagazine Summer Cover girl as we talk about other notable redheads such as Lindsay Lohan, Bella Thorne, her aspirations to be in Playboy, some MMA and how and why she will always be a gearhead.

Name: Lynnsey Speer
Age: 23
Height: 5’7
Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
Measurements: 32-25-42
Modeling Agency: Freelance model (no agency)
Social Media Links: (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) Facebook: @Lynnsey Speer Model | Instagram: @lynnsey_

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Has anyone told you that you have a Mean Girls/Lindsay Lohan-type of look? Yes! I used to get that all of the time! I loved her in that movie! Especially because I was on scholastic bowl in high school and she was a mathlete! She definitely made a come back and I’m glad to see she’s doing very well now!

McGregor vs. Mayweather? Who wins? McGregor!

If you had five minutes in the octagon? Who would you love to go a round with? This is actually really funny because me and my little sister (she’s 18)! I always told her to wait until she’s 18 and we will take our anger out for each other stealing each others things! I love her too much and I honestly couldn’t lay a finger on her, but we do have our days!

Body Paint: JoAnna Carrozzino  Photo: Jersey Mike

Is Ronda Rousey overrated? If so, who is the best female MMA fighter? I don’t think she’s overrated! A lot of people were talking about her and she was pretty high up there in the MMA women’s world for a bit but good for her! As long as she’s doing good and positive things with her fame that better herself and can help other people that’s all that matters!

What is your opinion of the growth of MMA and the UFC? It’s exciting honestly! I never really heard of MMA until I became a ring girl a few years back! It was always boxing or wrestling that you heard about! It’s exciting and I like it! It’s definitely some rough fighting for sure!

Since you are also a MMA ring girl, what is the most exciting aspect of working the octagon? Seeing the live action right in front of your face! Also, the amount of fans I have when I’m working is great! I love it! When people start hooting and hollering while I’m up on the ring cheering for me makes me happy! It’s a great job!

Photo: Kelvin Martin Photography

What is your opinion of today’s MMA scene? I personally believe that MMA is the hardest sport. These fighters lives become MMA training all day, everyday. It’s a lifestyle to them. It’s become a big thing with a great following especially in Western New York! The MMA scene is getting crazy big and I love that!

Fave MMA fighter (male and woman) My good friend Liam Anderson! He’s local (Rochester, NY) and he’s one of my favorite fighters! He’s unstoppable for sure! He will make it big time and I have a lot of faith in him! He’s at 7 wins 0 losses right now! And for favorite female it has to be Laura Niziol! She is also a local MMA fighter. She works her ass off & is a good positive energy to be around! She’s the nicest woman in the world! These two fighters are the most humble people I have ever met. Much love and appreciation to them both!

What kind of model do you consider yourself? A little bit of everything! I would definitely consider myself a lingerie & promotional model more than anything though. I have been getting more into car modeling lately and I love it since I have a never ending love for nice cars! I dream of being in Playboy & living in the Playboy mansion!

Photo: Jersey Mike

Where has been your favorite place to shoot? There is a beautiful private beach in Lanikai, Hawaii that was my favorite! Serene, peaceful and just naturally beautiful. It feels like you can finally fully breathe there.

What is the most exciting aspect of modeling? When random people you have never met before come up to you when you’re out shopping and ask you “Aren’t you that model (or ring girl)?”. It’s honestly a great feeling to be known & recognized.

What brands have you modeled for, and which ones do you enjoy the most? TNT Fights, Full Contact Productions, Castricones Boxing, & Ground Force Fights! My favorite brand to work for is definitely Full Contact Productions! Everybody there treats me as if I am a part of the family and makes me feel wanted and appreciated. They are the greatest people to work for and I can call them my family happily!

Photo: Kelvin Martin Photography

What swimwear trends do you see being big this summer? Cheeky bottoms & “Baywatch” style one pieces are must haves for this season!

What is your go-to swimwear style that you MUST have. Cheeky cinched Bottoms and a push up padded top for sure! Most flattering for my body type!

As someone who has is very curvy, what do you think best exudes sexiness and confidence? Clothing that fits and accentuates your curves is key! Showing the right amount of skin & keeping it classy with your outfit choices! I feel like I can’t wear certain things (like denim cut off shorts) because I have a larger bottom and it shows too much! So I try to wear capris or skirts and dresses during the summer!

Photo: Jersey Mike

Athleisure: Fashion or fitness trend? My answer for that one is definitely a trend! It makes me more motivated to work out if there is cute fitness clothes to wear with it! And lately these fitness fashion trends have been super cute to just wear day to day as an outfit! As long as it’s appropriate for the time and place of course!

What is your opinion of the whole “shaming” issue that seems to permeate across social media and how have you handled it, if any haters tried to call you out? It’s really sad. I try to uplift and encourage women to be themselves and do what makes them happy!

What would you say is your best feature? My best “asset” is definitely the booty for sure! That and my hair!

Photo: Bongo Ray Productions

Any beaches you plan on hitting up this summer? I’m taking my father on a trip to Cuba in a few months, so that will be fun! He’s Cuban so we will learn about our heritage and where he came from which is exciting! Any future projects coming down the pipeline? My Audi TT! Hahahaha! It’s a never ending project that car! But that’s okay it keeps me entertained and busy. Also busting my knuckles and ruining my manicures but that’s okay I’ll be a gear head for the rest of my life!

As a model, what recommendation do you have in terms of beachwear I looking sexy on the beach? Cheeky bottoms, or cute cut out one pieces! Everybody’s body is shaped differently. Anything that will flatter your own figure in the right places!

What workout motivation tips do you have for getting fit and toned this summer? I’m vegetarian and I eat clean. I juice and food prep! A good fitness routine and clean eating is always key. Lots of squats and weight resistance bands and take some full body fitness classes! Work out with your friends at the gym for extra motivation! I follow a lot of Instagram accounts for squats and fitness motivation!

Photo: Jersey Mike

Within the industry, who is your inspiration? Bella Thorne & Leanna Decker! They both have similar looks as me and the fact that they are both so successful makes me feel like I can be as well! I also love their fun outgoing, free spirited personalities! Beauty fades throughout the years but personality & character is forever!

What is your secret to staying in shape? Clean meat free diet & a steady fitness routine!

Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies? I am a New York state licensed cosmetologist, so I am always trying out new trends and taking more classes to further my career and knowledge in the field. I am currently going to school to be a fashion designer. I custom make formal gowns, accessories and jewelry! My great grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 4 years old & now I have been a seamstress for years.

Also love working on my Audi TT! It’s always a never ending project but it always gives me something to do for sure! Finally get something fixed and another thing breaks! That’s euro cars for sure haha! I also love hanging out with my dogs! I have Princess who is a Yorkiepoo & Shalomi who is a golden retriever! They are both the goodest girls for sure!

Photo: Kelvin Martin Photography

What are your favorite cities to travel to? North Shore, Hawaii, New York City & Los Angeles! My three dearest friends live in all three cities and I love going to visit! I’m definitely a little traveling gypsy at heart and my girlfriends are the best!

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Never give up! Just go for it! People will always have something negative to say about you but put all of their negativity behind you and use it as motivation to succeed! Be yourself and don’t ever let anybody downgrade you!

Special thanks to Lynnsey for her time and help during the Q and A interview process. All Images are used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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