Over the years, Sneakers have grown to become a standard shoe type in most people’s closets. Sneakers are extremely comfortable; they make running and walking easy. The file disruptor is no different, they are super comfortable. The vintage design gives the shoes a special and eye-catching look and feel. The chunky heels make the shoe super comfortable to walk in; it gives you a sense of walking in the cloud.

The Fila disruptor combines a sporty and casual look that is ideal for most occasions. Fila disruptor is available in a variety of shiny colors like pink, turquoise, silver or glossy black that can be styled in several ways.

These chunky retro-sneakers rock a leather and textile outer body available in several stylish colors and shade. The inner of the sneaker is made with textile fabric that makes them super comfortable to wear. The outsole is made from synthetic TPR sole and is designed to withstand tear, wear, water, and debris. The outsole has a good amount of grip on the ground when walking. Although they are not designed for trail running and hiking, the shoe will cope just fine in those situations.

The midsole is designed with a lightweight and durable thick EVA foam. They provide optimum shock absorbency and solidity for you that makes them ideal for most athletic activities.  The midsole also adds a bit of springy feel when walking.

The Fila Disruptor is available in several designs like the FILA DISRUPTOR II PREMIUM 5FM00002-125. The Fila Disruptor II is even more stylish and comfortable. It features a synthetic leather blend, and a soft perforated Nubuck that makes it easier to clean, breathable, and considerably lighter. For such a chunky ‘dad sneakers style shoes’, it is surprisingly light and comfortable to wear.

With all these amazing features, the fila disruptor II sneakers are affordable, they are priced below $75. You don’t have to go above your budget before you rock them. They are one of the affordable leather sneakers on the market. If you are looking for an affordable leather dad sneakers style shoe, the Fila Disruptor II is perfect for you.

The Fila disruptor was designed to be extremely breathable with the use of a perforated upper. Your feet enjoy a constant supply of fresh air, it doesn’t get crampy at all. The textile lining in the sneakers helps to keep moisture away from your feet. This makes the sneakers perfect for either athletic or casual use. The Fila Disruptor II uses a lacing closure that optimizes the fit of the shoes on your feet.

Overall, the Fila Disruptor II sneakers combine many design elements to give you a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable sneakers. The sneakers grant you an added stability, you don’t have to worry about heel spillage at all.

Regardless of what purpose you want the Fila Disruptor to serve, it has several features that make it perfect for you. It is affordable, stylish, and durable. Visit https://www.starakia.gr/ for sweet and affordable Fila Disruptor deals.

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