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FireFan: Much different experience than DraftKings and Fanduel?


November 23, 2016

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The sports world is about to be turned upside down in a way that Fanduel and Draft Kings never imagined. For years, we as fans have argued, placed bets and wished that we could know the outcome of a single play during a live game. Well, the time has arrived.

No longer well you need to call a bookie, head to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to wager on specific plays, FireFan has you covered. And the best part is, you can do it from anywhere. For months we have waited in anticipation for the App to launch but in just a few hours the wait will be over.

But, the question looms. How will this effect DK and FD?

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In the beginning, it won’t. FireFan is not a daily fantasy site, it’s more geared towards the fans that are watching the game and wish to guess the outcome of plays during. The main attraction that DK and FD have is the opportunity to win cash prizes. FireFan does not deal with cash, so fans of DFS can still play their normal lineups then switch over to FF to get live-in game action.

Instead of cash, you are provided tokens which you can use to place your bets. Let’s say you pick the Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants game. Before the game starts, you will be provided a series of question like:

  • Will Carson Wents throw for more than 300 yards?
  • Which team will have the most penalties
  • Will Odell Beckham score a touchdown

Once the game starts you will get another set of questions for each drive all the way through.

  • Will Wentz throw an interception
  • Will Ryan Mathews be tackled for a loss
  • Will there be any plays of 20+ yards during current drive

You get the idea, it’s pretty straight straightforward stuff. You can play with friends or strangers. You can link your account to your social media profile and invite your friends to play along. This makes for a greater experience and more trash-talking which brings out the best and worst during any competition.

Since the app is new and I haven’t had the luxury to test it, I am forced to go off promo videos like everyone else. Normally, we would have a Beta version but the outside world has been shut off until the public launch.

With tokens being the way to play, you can earn enough to trade for merchandise, like apparel and sports tickets. As a DFS lover, I  would like to see FF move to the monetary zone. If FireFan really wants this app to explode and put fear into the heart and pockets of Draft Kings and Fanduel they will need to up the ante. Imagine a real-time game action Vegas floor in the palm of your hands. Just the thought alone should have DFS shaking in their boots. I know one step at a time. But, if they are not careful, someone else will take that step before them.

Here is a video to describe better the functions of the app

Since you had a chance to see the inner workings of the app and are interested, then you can sign up for the new wave of mobile technology with this link and enter Promo Code “INSC911”

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