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Detoxing is the trendy word many of us enjoy using after days or weeks of overindulgence. When we can feel our bad habits creeping up on our physical and mental well-being, we tend to go to the extreme to flush away our system. Although our intention is in the right place, we can take detoxing to another level and end up torturing ourselves rather than helping our body get back on track.

Detoxing should not be a nightmare. You don’t need to switch to a liquid diet or fasting. Nor do you have to spend hours in the gym. The body can detox on its own, but if you want to get back on track, there are simple ways you can detox while being gentle with yourself.


Sleep like your life depends on it

In a world where productivity reigns, it is hard to believe that sleep is a natural option to detoxify the body, but there you go. Proper rest is how you can naturally detox the body and allow it to restore itself. Good rest lowers stress and anxiety. It can encourage weight loss, improve mood and promote focus.


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Take natural supplements

A daily vitamin dose is always essential, but it is especially so when you want to detox. Take care to take the right vitamins for your lifestyle. If you don’t get enough sunlight, your pharmacist may recommend taking vitamin D, while if your diet lacks meat, you might need a dose of iron.

If you are looking to detox your body of recreational drugs rather than a poor diet, then consider taking supplements to help you flush your body. Such detox drinks and capsules come in various flavors, and they can help you prep your body before a drug test. The high voltage detox double flush is one example, and you can learn more about it here.


Make water your ally

Flushing the system of your bad choices requires frequent trips to the bathroom, and to do that, you need to drink water. Two liters of water a day is ideal for most people, but consider drinking three liters of water a day during your detoxification day or week. Using bottles to measure your water intake and sipping mindlessly with a straw throughout the day is how you can gulp those liters down.


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Consume power smoothies

Once you start drinking water like a gazelle, you will find that you are not as hungry as usual. Even so, your body still needs essential nutrients to promote restoration. One way you can consume loads of nutrients in no time is by making a smoothie. Blend some of your favorite fruit and veg. The ingredients can be anything from broccoli and banana to spinach, peaches, mangoes, and whatever else you enjoy. Smoothies are excellent because they are loaded with vitamins, and you are consuming your vegetables raw, thus maximizing their nutritional value.


Sweat it out

You don’t need to go into overdrive at the gym, primarily if you haven’t worked out in a while. However, it is good to sweat it out and release some toxins from your body by going on a power walk or doing yoga. If you want to burn calories fast, then cycling, boxing and running are all great options.


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Eat the right foods…

…but don’t starve yourself. Liquid diets and fasting are tortuous and frustrating, especially when your body is used to overindulgence. There is no need to torture yourself to feel better. It would help if you ate when you are genuinely hungry and enjoy your food, but rather than opting for processed food, keep your meals fresh and nutritious. A good rule of thumb here is to opt for food that isn’t processed. Leafy greens, fresh fruit, nuts, and other healthy fat are all great options to restore your body.


Go for herbal teas

Although coffee and tea feel like lifesavers first thing in the morning, you might want to switch to decaffeinated herbal teas during your detox days. Peppermint tea is excellent to help minimize bloating, while green tea can soothe an upset stomach, as can chamomile tea.


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Avoid alcohol or drugs

Finally, if you want to help your body out, it is essential to avoid consuming things that can only cause harm. Avoid drugs if you want to feel physically better. Although experts recommend alcohol in moderation, it is best to avoid it during those days of detoxification and stick to water and herbal teas to give your digestive system and your kidneys a break.

Our body is incredible, and technically, it can detox all by itself. However, poor choices for weeks can only lead to weight gain, weak mental health, and less physical strength. So while enjoying good food and alcohol is part of life, it is vital to treat your body with kindness because we all know that health is the most critical thing we have, and only once we lose it do we realize how essential it is.








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