Dressing up for work in summer can feel very intimidating if you don’t have the right workwear. Work clothes can no more be only about safety – they should also equally appeal to your style and comfort. Workwear manufacturer in Australia and across the world consider these scenarios while designing and selecting materials to make workwear. But the question remains is that, are you aware of them? Without knowing this basic principle, it is hard for everyone to select summer workwear that offers safety, are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Here are five pieces of workwear that deliver on all these requirements during the balmy summer days and night.

Polo T-Shirts

Polo T-shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of workwear in your wardrobe that are comfy and stylish at the same time. Look out for work polo shirts whose collar do not chafe your neck and are made of moisture-wicking clothing material. Having polo T-shirts that are odour and bacteria-free is a great asset when you sweat in hot summer days.

And if you are worried that Polo T-Shirts can make you look older, then you should brush it aside. The style is in the details. Buy a polo that fits your body perfectly – loose polos can make you look shaggy and ruin the style in it. Try hi-vis polo shirts; the bright neon colours will make you look young and trendy. A properly fitted polo shirt will make you look like a gentleman no matter what look or shape you have. You should even consider polos when buying graduation shirt for family to wear to ceremonies, as there are so many smart designs available.

Fitted short work shorts

If you work in a safe environment which allows you to wear casual clothes, then you must own work shorts, they are stylish yet comfortable. Also, they create a more put-together and intentional look.

You can find varieties of work shorts in the market, but how do you determine the best one? Go for work shorts made with lightweight cotton fabric with stress point bar-tacking, triple-stitched seams, and high-quality buttons & zippers.

Cargo work shorts or long work shorts are lose-fitted and comfortable. If you want something trendier than cargo work shorts, opt for short work shorts; they are slim, shorter, pocketless, and more flattering to your body.

They are also an extremely versatile piece of clothing – you can pair them with a polo shirt and boat shoes, or with a tee and sneakers to keep them casual.

Work Boots or Safety Work Shoes

Shoes are the most significant piece of your workwear. If you work in harsh condition, a good pair of breathable work boot is a must. Whether you buy zip side safety boots or elastic side works boots, check for footbed cushion, orthopaedic innersole, and arch support. Wearing the work boot that is comfortable and easy on your feet is most important to keep your feet happy.

Work boots are used for safety purpose, and if you are replacing it with safety shoes, make sure the shoes you buy are equally safe. The safety shoes must have Nylon mesh panelling for breathability, safety cap to protect toes, slip-resistant sole to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Most importantly, it should be oil, acid, and water-resistant.

Check these high-quality steel toe work boots for men.

Hi-Vis Vest

The summer style has two major goals: Be comfortable and don’t be uncomfortable. When the heat and humidity comes, cotton fabrics will make you comfortable; they are lightweight and breathable.

Hi-Vis Vest with moisture wicking and anti-bacterial technology prevent excessive swear and odour and keeps you fresh while you work in harsh summer.

Hi-Vis T-shirts are perfect for warm weather. The best part is, it doesn’t wrinkle. Wash it, dry it, and you are ready to go. When you are buying a cotton vest, you can either purchase bright Hi-Vis colours or even muted colour vest can be an excellent option for workwear.

Hi-Vis Singlets

The singlet is one of the coolest clothing, they are ultra-comfortable and ideal for pairing with work shorts or work pants.

You can either buy Hi-Vis Singlet made with micromesh fabric or cotton fabric. Both of them are equally good. Apart from the material, another important detail you must pay attention to while buying singlet is whether they are moisture-wicking or not.

When you work in summer, sweating is a common problem, moisture-wicking prevents excessive sweat, and you won’t have body odour while you work.

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