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The Flash: Is Wally West This Season’s Big Bad Savitar?

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Things got a little more interesting this past week on The CW’s The Flash. In the episode titled, “The Wrath of Savitar”, we learned a little more about this season’s big bad Savitar. Through the mouth of the baddie himself (ok ok, technically through the mouth of Tom Felton’s Julian), some more information has been brought to our attention.

So let’s go through some of the key points we now know about Savitar. For starters, it sounds like the baddie “created himself” in a sense. But on top of that, he is harboring a lot of anger towards everyone on Team Flash. He certainly holds them accountable for him becoming who he is.

We also know he has been trapped in the Speed Force for quite some time. He has been in there so long he has gone mad and lost his mind more than once. Now with the whole time travel aspect of the show, I am not sure we can draw a ton from this. But we do learn Team Flash is supposed to experience the creation of Savitar in the near future.

So that tells me he is probably someone who is walking around in this universe in present day as a normal human being. Add in his prophecy (someone will fall, someone will betray the team and someone will suffer a fate worse than death), and I am led to believe he is someone who is somewhat close to the members of the team. He clearly has had a decent amount of contact with them before becoming Savitar.


One more note I want to point out is he likes to refer to himself as The Future Flash. Taking a monicker with the term Flash in it is certainly not a mistake.

So all of this brings me to Wally. At the end of this week’s episode, Wally West is sucked into the Speed Force, followed by Savitar popping out. I know I cannot be the only one who felt this could have been Wally’s transformation into the bad guy. The whole scene just felt like one single motion, with Wally going in and Savitar coming out.

So is it possible that Wally actually is Savitar, or am I just crazy to think the show would turn one of its key players into a villain? Well, let’s take a closer look.

For starters, we know Savitar has been in Wally’s head as of late. At the end of the episode “Attack on Central City”, we saw the return of our big baddie. He appeared to Wally, leaving fans to wonder how he escaped the Speed Force. Well, it turned out that he simply in Wally’s head. But then this week he was attacking Wally physically, even if Flash or anyone couldn’t see it. So could it be that this was simply Wally battling with his inner demons in a sense?

Next, we factor in Wally’s relationship with Barry. Sure, things usually go fairly smoothly between the two speedster partners. However, the two do not always see eye to eye. And the most recent example was this week! After learning Wally kept the whole Savitar in his head for a while, Barry got pretty mad. He wanted to keep Wally out of all operations for the foreseeable future. Could this on-and-off-again relationship lead to Wally feeling like it was Barry’s fault for getting him trapped in the Speed Force?

Part of the tension that was between the two came when Wally first got his power. He felt he was ready for action, as he was faster than Barry at that point in time of gaining their speed. While the tension there was resolved, it is clear that Wally is destined for greater speed than Mr. Allen. Given Savitar is faster than the show’s title hero, Wally would fit the mold in that regard.

In addition, Kid Flash is obviously close to the team. This would help explain how Savitar knows so much about the events that happen. It also explains how he knows all about things related to each member of Team Flash. This helps lead us into Savitar’s prophecy.

One of the three things that the baddie promised was that someone would suffer a fate worse than death. If Wally turned into Savitar, this fate could apply to several people. It could apply to Wally himself, as he would be changed from a good guy to a villain. Or it could apply to any member of the West family, watching their close releative become a monster.

One final note is the fact that Savitar keeps referring to himself as the Future Flash. Wally is currently known as Kid Flash. If he were to turn to the dark side, he would likely adopt a new name. Given how much Wally eats it up when people call him Kid Flash, or simply complimenting Kid Flash, the need for a new nickname would be needed. Wally has a bit of an ego, so calling himself the Future Flash would fit.

So it is entirely possible that moment Savitar mentioned about Flash witnessing the birth of the villain in the near future was actually the scene from the end of this past episode. Turning Wally into Savitar would certainly be a way to keep the show fresh.

So what do you think? Is there any chance Wally is Savitar? Who else could be the big bad? Are you buying into the Abra Cadabra rumor? Tell us in the comments!

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