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Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor Has Already Peaked

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We all must be honest with ourselves for a moment. Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are two of the best athletes of their generation. Mayweather the best modern-day boxer, and McGregor the best UFC fighter of all time.

This could be a great fight, but it will not be in a fighting ring. This will be a boxing match, where Floyd will do what he does best. He will play defense, he will dance and he will take his shot picking apart McGregor round by round.

Vegas odds have McGregor as a heavy underdog for a reason, boxing is simply a different animal than the UFC. This will not be a brawl like McGregor will hope for, sure he could catch Floyd napping in the early rounds but Mayweather is money for a reason.

Say what you want about him, but no boxer before or after Mayweather will be as good of a defensive boxer than him. He is machine-like in his matches dissecting what his opponents can do and counter to perfection. A lot could happen but odds are Floyd will be taking home yet another big check and a 50-0 record.

That though will all happen come August 26th. What we are witnessing in their four-day tour will be the best part of the fight. They are drawing in and suckering a huge audience to pay for a fight where we already are seeing the best action. Nothing will top the hype that these press conferences are building.

Whether it be McGregor prodding Mayweather for his inability to read, his alleged debt to the IRS, or his strippers there is no way that his mouth will match his boxing ability. This fight was and still is just a cash grab. Floyd said it best, Dana White is pimping out Connor McGregor. There was too much money to be made to not let this fight happen.

We all knew Mayweather would not turn down the paycheck, and despite what they will say the UFC needed the exposure and McGregor wanted the money.

As day three of the tour concluded in New York I could already sense that things had gotten repetitive. Mayweather did his hard work/easy work speech, made it rain on McGregor and it all felt a bit too like something else. The WWE.

At the end of the day, this fight can be very WWE-like. It is a fight being built up on storylines, the four-day tour, with a very easy finish (Mayweather winning). In no way am I saying that this fight is scripted, but for a $100 price tag fans should not bother with the actual fight. These press conferences are the best entertainment we will get. The duo talked a lot and hyped up the match.

Rarely does hype equate to actual excitement, and this is no different.

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