One thing that completes a diet and makes it healthy is some green smoothies. Green smoothies are a must for some people, and they cannot live a day without it. Taking some green smoothies is an important part of your day, and is one of the things you must do to keep looking fresh and healthy. To make you some good greens, we have highlighted some of the best blender for green smoothies, and these blenders are something you must have to complete your kitchen equipment.

Best Blender For Green Smoothies That You Must Have

1.    Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 is unbelievable a very famous product from some blender manufacturers in the United States. It is the image that comes to people’s mind when they hear the word ‘blender’. Vitamix 5200 is versatile and works perfectly for a large number of functions. Preparing some fabulous green smoothies is just one of the jobs that the Vitamix 5200 loves to do. For those who desire a blender that produces the best of green smoothies, this blender could be your best bet. It can be used to crush both the greens and the ice, and it is something that needs to be on your kitchen work table.

2.    Blendtec Blender

With a massive power of 1560 watts and a blade of a professional standard, the Blendtec Blender is yet one of the best blender for green smoothies. This blender works uniquely in that the ingredients being liquefied are pushed to the direction of the thick, extra strong and powerful blade. This leaves no room for any greens to remain untouched by the wrath of this enthusiastic blade. This allows for even texture and smoothness in your green smoothies. The exciting part is the price. You can get a Blentec Blender at a good price. It is affordable, and this does not make it less quality. In fact, it is the best value for your money.

3.    Nutri Ninja BL455

The Nutri Ninja BL455 is another good blender for your green smoothie. It has a motor of 1000 watt and is ready to prepare your green smoothie just as you are ready to take them. The blades that the Nutri Ninja BL455 comes with are a type that makes it the perfect blender to handle all your greens. These blades really sharper than you can imagine, and they work with the Ninja Pro Extractor technology. This simply means they drag out the entire nutrient in the part of an ingredient that you would normally throw away. With the Nutri Ninja BL455 comes a set of three separate cups as an additional feature.

4.    Cleanblend 2001

The Cleanblend Blender is a good enough blender to make your green smoothie. The blades of this blender are made of stainless steel and are really sharp. They last for a long time as they don’t get blunt, and you don’t have to change them. CleanBlend 2001 has a jar capacity of 64 ounces. It is an easy-to-use blender with a motor of 1800 watt which is good enough to make you your favorite green smoothie. The Cleanblend Blender 2001 has a five-year warranty and is best for those ingredients that require some cutting and chopping before the actual blending.

5.    Jamba Speed Blender

The Jamba Blender is one with an amazingly powerful motor. It has a motor with a blending power of 2.4 horsepower. This blender is just unnecessarily powerful, and can attend to all your blending needs aside preparing green smoothies which it will definitely do perfectly and without flaws. The Jamba Blender comes with a 64 oz jug where you can dump all your ingredients, and watch patiently as this wonderful baby does its job. This blender has a rotatable speed control which allows you to choose a more specific speed, say 7.3, than just clicking on 7 like other blenders. This blender has a dangerous blending power and can blend nuts, seeds, and even whole fruit. It blends anything you put in it.

6.    Ninja Chef Blender

This is yet another powerful blender to take care of your blending needs. It offers you ten different speeds and presets to select from, thereby working at the speed you desire. With a motor power of 1500 watt, you can be sure that the Ninja Chef Blender would prepare your green smoothie just right. It has a 72 oz jar and allows for self-cleaning. This implies that the Ninja Chef Blender can wash itself up after usage. Now isn’t that amazing? The Ninja Chef Blender is one of the best blender for green smoothies.


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