Having made your travel arrangements using Dunhill Travel Deals, you have call for celebration.

What better time to crack open a bottle of one of your favorite local craft brews? And think about all of the craft breweries you’ll get to try on your upcoming getaway (you’ve no doubt done your research).

Craft beer is everywhere now, but some cities are ahead of others when it comes to the sheer number of breweries and the diversity of styles, personalities, and cultures represented in those ranks.

Here are some places to think about for your future travel plans, especially if there’s nothing you love more than brewery hopping.

New York, New York

With the opening of a Mikkeller Brewery outpost right next to CitiField, it became official: New York is a global beer destination. After all, where else can you grab a drink from one of Denmark’s most critically adored breweries just steps away from where the Mets play? A number of local breweries, specializing in everything from unique sours to heavy IPAs, and lots of world-renowned beer bars round out offerings.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro loves beer. Offering a number of smaller, gypsy-style brewers (law makes it hard to run a major brewing operation) and lots of bars with eclectic and unique choices on hand, this is a place to go for trying memorable small-batch creations. Exploring different breweries like the very popular Hocus Pocus also allows visitors the ideal opportunity to engage with their surroundings during their Brazil getaway. Also of note, Rio de Janeiro hosts the Mondial de la Biere Festival, a 5-day celebration of all things craft beer.

Asheville, North Carolina

Up until 1994, when Highland Brewing began operations, beer hadn’t been brewed in the city of Asheville since the Prohibition. A lot has changed since the 90s. Now, Asheville’s beer and dining scene is popular enough to bring people in year round — and every bit of praise is earned. You will not leave Asheville hungry or thirsty, that’s for certain.

Traditional and modern architecture of seoul city in sunset, central park in songdo International business district, Incheon South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea

The people driving the craft beer culture in Seoul, mainly women, had been looking to create an alternative to the more excessive aspects of South Korea’s drinking culture. In this process, many excellent new breweries have been born, including Magpie Brewing Company. That brewery can be found in a place known as Craft Beer Alley, the mere existence of which should definitely put Seoul in your next Dunhill Travel Deals search.

Beijing, China

China has many popular beers to its name (who doesn’t love a refreshing Tsingtao now and then?), but it’s in Beijing that it really earns its craft beer reputation. Many of the breweries here — including Jing-A Brewing Co. and Arrow Factory Brewing— are run by North American expats, making beer not too dissimilar from the ones found stateside. That’s not a demerit, however. These breweries make great craft beer.

Wherever the craft beer trail may take you, with Dunhill Travel Deals, you can plan your next great bar crawl.

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