By John Michelson

You might have the most scrumptious and finger licking food at your food truck but what good is it, if no one orders it and matter turns worse when no one even knows about your best dishes. Therefore you must pay special attention to your menu board, since unlike restaurants you don’t enjoy the luxury of menu cards; you need to turn this adversity into your strength. Luckily you have landed at the right place we are going to give you some awesome ideas through which you could improve your menu board. These ideas might seem simple and naïve but wait till you see their remarkable output.

Your star items deserve best spot on your menu board, don’t hide your best items, place them where they are not only easy to find but would also catch everyone’s eye. Researchers suggest that upper right corner of the menu board is themost viewed spot on your menu card, hence place your best dishes there. You need to use your limited pool of resources wisely, for instance if you have a burger on your menu, with few extra toppings and sauces you could transmogrify a simple beef burger into a signature burger.

Customers tend to order more when there is less choice; it is the general rule of thumb, this is why renowned restaurants have fewer items on their menu. You don’t want to confuse your customers by bombarding them with options; lesser the merrier. Choosing the right visuals is another area which needs your immediate attention, typography matters a lot; therefore choose a font which is easily recognizable. Do not decorate your menu board with other stuff as you would only end up distracting your customers. Food images should only be included if they have been snapped by a proper photographer, since food photography is a tricky thing you need to leave it to the professionals.

Yes, you want to describe your food items in the most appealing fashion, but try to keep it short as lengthy descriptions are a serious turn-off. Numbering is another aspect which is heavily ignored by the food truck owners; you must never underestimate the power of numbers. As there is a fair chance that some customers might be reluctant to order something they cannot pronounce, hence numbers could rescue them.

Are you aware of the fact that customers are attracted to certain colors, since you are running a food truck, henceforth it is important for you to choose colors which would help you attain attention of your customers. There are numerous food truck owners who use a certain theme for their food truck; you too could select a theme which best goes with your cuisine. If you are offering special dishes such as gluten-free and heart healthy dishes, you must mention it specifically on the menu card. Lastly don’t be afraid of changing prices on your menu board, reluctance in changing prices could cost you your business, chances are that your customers won’t even notice the change as long as it is a small one.

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