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Fortnite has become a massive hit in the gaming community, with Fortnite items and Fortnite Accounts popping up left and right for sale on the internet, and even a Fortnite Value Calculator where sellers can know how much their account is worth has been made to accommodate the fanbase! Suffice to say, the craze generated by the game hasn’t died much since its initial release.

The main thing that separates Fortnite from other battle royale games, apart from its art style and continuous updates that the folks at Epic Games churn out, is its use of the in-game builder to create walls, ramps, floors, traps, and roofs. This feature alone has attracted players from all over the world to hop on the Fortnite bandwagon. However, building in Fortnite is not as simple as ABC—especially when you compete with experts and pro players who can build formidable forts in mere seconds.  You need to move quickly and be extra aggressive in order to take advantage of the building feature, so with the help of our guide, we’re going to give you some tips on how to build like a pro in Fortnite.

Gather Resources

You’re on a 1v1 situation with an enemy inside the circle that’s slowing closing in, you stack up your forts as the climax closes in but oh no! You ran out of mats and the enemy lunges at you and kills you! It’s a waste of time and effort when you’re so close to victory only to come up short. The most important thing to do as soon as you land is to gather resources (mats) first. Respective materials like wood, stone, and metal are essential to your survival.

Key Bindings

One of the things that play a critical role in determining how fast you can build is the key binding. If you build with the keys that are set by default, it will not only take copious amounts of time, but it’ll also be inconvenient for you. Find the key bindings that are comfortable for your fingers to reach when building and start from there. Once you continue building with these settings, you’ll soon be able to get a good grip on these keys plus your speed of building will enhance too.

Create Cover Quickly

Usually, building at a moment’s notice is needed when an enemy or a squad is shooting at you, but you can use building to your advantage when the situation is reversed and you are the initiator. You can either build a simple wall for over or build a set of stairs. Building a wall using wood most ideal since it’s the material builds the quickest. From there, you can peek around the corners to try and see where the shots are coming from. In such situations, the enemy firing at you may also give up their position by shooting at the wall itself to try and break it.

A more versatile, but risky, strategy is to build a set of stairs. You should only do this if you know exactly where the enemy fire is coming from as well as if you can see the player and they are relatively close to you. By building stairs, the slightly higher vantage point you gain will you give a bit of an edge to snipe the enemy that’s trying to gun you down.

Master the Art of Editing

This is perhaps one of the most crucial elements in order to build like a pro. By steadily honing your editing skills, you can become really fast at it. Learning how to edit fast creates greater opportunities for you to either get out of difficult situations or to kill opponents when they least expect it. It may be a bit tricky to handle at first, but practice is crucial here as it indeed makes perfect!

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