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Four Reasons to Have a Belt Bag

Belt bags, or fanny packs, have fallen out of favor in past years. Still, they are incredibly useful, and many are very stylish as well. Belt bags are coming back, so jump on the wave and consider all of the reasons why you might want to have a belt bag.

  1. Hands-Free

Perhaps the best advantage of belt bags is that they are completely hands-free. If you’re sick of having to carry a purse or juggle a strap over your shoulder, you will appreciate being able to carry everything that you need with you without having to occupy your hands at all. 

If you have lots of things to carry, the belt bag can be an easy-to-access point at your waist while your hands and shoulders are occupied carrying other things.

  1. Convenient Access

Belt bags hold everything that you need at the most convenient possible place, right in your lap where you can look down and see everything. Rummaging through your bag can get frustrating, so you may love the ability to simply look down, open the zipper, and see everything that you’re carrying with you at a glance. 

When you’ve got a lot going on, being able to get to what you need easily can make a big difference in your stress level.

  1. Secure

If you are doing something active, or even exercising and working out, you may worry that you’ll lose a purse or bag or that something could fall out of your backpack. A belt bag is perfectly secure. 

It sits right where you can see it by glancing down so you won’t have to worry that anything is falling out of it. The nature of how it opens makes it less likely that a compartment will unzip and things will spill out, as can happen with a backpack.

  1. Doesn’t Put Pressure on Your Neck or Shoulders

If you need to carry things with you when you’re exercising, or if you have had problems in the past with neck and shoulder pain from carrying a bag, you will appreciate that a belt bag pus all of its pressure on your hip and lower back, which may be better able to bear the weight than your neck and shoulders. 

This weight distribution can be especially important when you are jogging or otherwise being very active, as the bouncing up and down of a backpack can be painful on your shoulders.

When to Use a Belt Bag

Even if you don’t want to replace your regular purse or backpack with a belt bag, they are great to have when you might decide it is the most convenient way to carry what you need.

  • Dog Walking. Need somewhere convenient to put your training treats and poly bags while you’re walking the family dog? Want to be able to break into a jog if you choose to? A belt bag is perfect solution.
  • Working on a project. Any project that requires you to access things frequently, whether you’re making a drawing out on the field or tying up your tomato plants, can be made more convenient by a belt bag.
  • Traveling. Perhaps the best time to use a stylish belt bag is when you are traveling and want to have a way to securely but conveniently access everything that you need to take with you. Choose a beautiful leather belt bag and you’ll be the envy of your traveling companions. 

Pick a Great Belt Bag for Your Needs

If you want to be able to carry things with you in a very convenient, hands-free way, the belt bag might be your perfect solution. Invest in a quality belt bag that will look great on your next adventure.

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