Tips to Maintain Pond Fountains

A pond water fountain can do wonders for your outdoors and will be a perfect addition to your garden. During the day, it will help to enhance the beauty of your surroundings, and at night will give a touch of tranquility with the soft noise of falling water. That’s why it is essential to properly maintain your outdoor water fountain in order to avoid costly repairs. Moreover, you should know about some factors to consider on how to find pond fountains

Always keep the water level at the proper point. Typically, the pump needs to be fully submerged in water. If it gets too low, it can make a difference in how well the pump will work. Maintaining adequate water levels is especially essential during the summer when the weather is hot and dry. Preserve the surface of the fountain with a sealer. Depending on the location of your pond and the kind of fountain, you might need to do this every few years; however, it is worth it as this will increase its lifespan and help it look beautiful for years to come. Here are the following tips you should know for the maintenance of your pond fountain. 

Clean the Fountain Regularly: 

Pond water fountains are constantly exposed to unwanted elements. In addition, it is usual for animals and birds to frequent the fountain, leaving behind unwanted messes. Due to this, it is vital to check the fountain on a regular basis for any wear and tear that could cause or make it to malfunction. It suggests that you should set aside a half-hour out of the week to check for any breaks, chips, pump malfunctions, or another kind of issues that could cause the water fountain to stop running properly. 

It is also crucial to clean both the inner and outer areas of the fountain. Animal waste, algae build-up, and water mineral deposits could cause major damage to a fountain that has not been properly maintained. It is recommended you should clean your fountain with a brush and a mild dish detergent in every three months. You have to keep in mind that some fountains require special care, so make sure to find pond fountains company guide before using any cleaning agents.

Refill Your Fountain to Keep the Water Flowing: 

Most of us have to deal with algae issues when maintaining our outdoor water fountain. There are several options that can be taken to avoid this algae issue; which one you choose will hugely depend on the amount of time you plan to set aside to clean your water fountain. Following general cleaning habits will keep algae down to a minimum, using algae prevention cleaner or product will help decrease algae in your water fountain.

You have to make sure the water has not evaporated or become stagnant, which is essential in order to maintain your pond fountain. During the period of hot summer months, water will evaporate rapidly or at a much faster rate, so ensure to set time aside to refill your fountain. When adding new water, be sure that it is freshwater to prevent stagnation. This will also help curve the growth of algae. In general, it is best to change the water in your fountain at least once a month. 

Check the Surface of the Fountain: 

You should pay attention to the surfaces of the pond fountain, if you see any cracks, have them repaired sooner, not later. When cleaning the pond fountain, handle it with care so as to avoid any damage. Pond fountains are a beautiful addition to any landscape. If you take just some minutes from time to time to keep it clean, then it will be a place where you will find hours of pleasure for years to come. If you have any concerns or questions about your fountain or pond, be sure to contact the manufacturer. They will help you keep your pond and garden fountain beautiful. 

Maintain your Fountain Pump: 

After investing your money in the best fountain for the pond, the next important thing is to invest in a pump with the correct size. It needs that the proper water flows through the pump and regular water flow keeps the pond well-aerated as well as stops mosquito infestation. It also prevents dust, algae and dirt build-up. The right pump size ensures that the fountain runs smoothly throughout the year. You need the right pump size or to upgrade the pond pump for more pressure to stop water from splashing in the basin to limit damaging the pond flooring.

The pump is the soul of your water fountain. If you don’t have a well-functioning pump, your beautiful water fountain will not work properly. For this, you will need to clean any debris, such as leaves and dirt, which are found inside of the pump. Failure to do this could cause a pump to clog and malfunction.   

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