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Frank Vogel : The Miami Heat Are Not Just Another Team

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MIAMI – As if the defending champion Miami Heat did not need any extra motivation, they can thank Frank Vogel.

Vogel, the Indiana Pacers head coach referred to the defending champions as “just the next team”, which in turn caused Miami Heat small forward and reigning NBA MVP, LeBron James to respond stating we are not just another team”

Whether or not this is either self-confidence or borderline brashness, I am not sure what universe Vogel is in making such an irresponsible comment, but the 2012-13 Miami Heat is not just the next team or another tam, they are THE team.


Not many teams win 27 straight games, boast a lineup stacked with four future Hall Of Famers in James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen, and single-handily influenced the NBA to the point of completely changing how franchises trade and draft into building their own “Big Three”, Vogel did his Pacers a serious disservice in making those comments.

Mind you, the Heat do have their weaknesses on the board and half-court game, but trying to get into a up-and-down transition game with them is akin to the kiss of death.

While Indiana does have Roy Hibbert down low to slow down and possibly negate Miami’s post game, they do not have the open-court athleticism and consistent three-post shooting to counter the likes of Allen, Mike Miller and Shane Battier.

While the East Finals have yet to tip-off, it just got an injection of hype and war of words that it didn’t already need. Hopefully, for Vogel, he gets a chance prove his point on the national stage, or get a taste of humble pie and made to eat his own words.

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