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NBA: The Resurgence of the Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers of old faced the Miami Heat in consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, played the best defense, and were the favorites to win it all at times. That was only a few, short seasons ago and, after a couple rough years, the Pacers are back on track. The Indiana Pacers are 12-5 and now only trail the Cleveland Cavaliers by half of a game for the best record in
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2013 NBA Playoffs: Do The Pacers Have The Advantage vs Miami?

The Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat in last nights Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals to even the series up as it moves to Indiana. The way they have played so far in the series, do they now have the advantage against the Miami Heat? The Pacers have out played the top seeded Heat so far in this series. It took a last second buzzer beater in overtime
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Frank Vogel : The Miami Heat Are Not Just Another Team

MIAMI – As if the defending champion Miami Heat did not need any extra motivation, they can thank Frank Vogel. Vogel, the Indiana Pacers head coach referred to the defending champions as “just the next team”, which in turn caused Miami Heat small forward and reigning NBA MVP, LeBron James to respond stating “we are not just another team” Whether or not this is either self-confidence or borderline brashness, I