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It’s critical to maintain track of product prices whether you’re selling or purchasing something on Amazon. A few Amazon price trackers can let you follow the price fluctuations of a product instead of refreshing the product details page now and then. Let’s take a look at some of the top pricing trackers on the market.

What is a price tracker, and how does it work?

A price tracker is software or a gadget that monitors product price variations and sends out alerts when prices drop or rise. Furthermore, they assist you in evaluating the pricing of various products to get the best value for your money.

When it comes to choosing a pricing tracking software, there are a few things to consider. The tool must be able to:

  • Provide you with a complete picture of your competitors’ pricing adjustments.
  • Include mobile apps or, at the very least, a Chrome extension.
  • It should be possible to track any product on Amazon and not just a limited number of things.

What is the best price tracker?

The answer to this issue is highly dependent on the tool’s intended application. Consumer and B2B price tracking software are available on the market. While consumers utilise the tools to save money by comparing costs, a B2B user will look at competition prices. As a result, the two types’ functionalities are vastly different. Nonetheless, keep the following requirements in mind:

  • Finding the best pricing is simple.
  • The tracker’s costs
  • Settings for personal privacy

The best Amazon pricing history charts:

Below are some of the most extensively used amazon price history charts,

1.    CamelCamelCamel:

CamelCamelCamel has the longest price history of any service we’ve seen: it’s been tracking Amazon prices for over a decade. This provides you with a wealth of Amazon price history charts, allowing you to determine whether you are indeed receiving a good deal.

There’s also a browser addon called Camelizer that works similarly (for Chrome and Firefox). Conduct an Amazon search and, once on a product page, click the Camelizer button in your browser toolbar to view the item’s pricing history.

Do you only want to know when the price will be at its lowest? You may set up email alerts on both the website and the extension. CamelCamelCamel also has a robust privacy policy. This platform provides an easy way to track Amazon items and compare prices on the world’s largest e-commerce site. Price notifications can be set up instantly using a browser plugin or by entering the product URL. The price history option is quite useful for seeing if prices have fluctuated in the past and if it is possible to save money on a specific item.

2.    GlassIt:

If you’re searching for a solution that’s more than just Amazon tracking, give GlassIt a try. It is also a wonderful tool for any Amazon seller, as it comes with a free Amazon price tracker, to begin with. You can either plan for your next sale or just be notified when prices drop. But, in addition to Amazon tracking, the GlassIt application can be used to identify the best pricing on any URL, not only Amazon. The strong privacy settings are a huge plus. There will be no hidden surveillance of your site visits, no adverts, and no “data for discount” methods. Pure, uncomplicated, and three free products per month. Any additional things can be ordered using an order form.

Final thoughts:

Overall, there are many different sorts of price trackers that you can use as an Amazon seller to save money or increase your sales. You should consider all of your alternatives for tracking, whether it’s an Amazon price tracker or a more broad tracking application like GlassIt. The often concealed privacy regulations are something you should keep in mind, not just for Amazon tracking. Keep an eye out for any settings that allow for excessive tracking. Then pick your favorite tool, sign up for a (free) trial, and see how simple it is to find the best deals. Good luck with your tracking!


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