erectile dysfunction

In the present times curing ED or erectile dysfunction, a penis-related problem is done mostly using ED pills like Fildena

ED men suffer from this erection problem that does not allow them to get hard penis erections and this prevents them from leading a normal sexual life. 

But at least encouraging is the fact that these days there are a wide number of pills available in the market such as Cenforce 150 and these can be quite helpful for curing ED. so does this mean that in the future too medicines like Vidalista will be sued for curing ED?

How will the treatment methods evolve? Will we have better faster and pro-acting pills that can work faster for D cure and have no side effects?

Will the process of surgeries evolve? Let’s find out…

How will ED drugs evolve?

Ask scientists and researchers and they think that in the future the medicines will evolve from what we see them now. 

Researchers believe that there is plenty of ongoing research in this field. Doctors and scientists are taking up new medicine substances and finding out about their medical curing procedure for ED. 

They all agree to the fact that in the future the ED drugs will have some unique and far-reaching qualities than what we see these days with pills such as Fildena 100

Here are some of the attributes or qualities that the futuristic ED pills will most likely have-

Faster acting time

They say that in the future the medicines for curing ED will evolve and will have much less turnaround time or time for showing off their effects. 

As for now, if you compare pills containing the generic substance Tadalafil has the longest waiting period. As for a higher dose of Vidalista 60 you can get erections after waiting for around 45 minutes to even an hour. 

Sometimes this is very frustrating for the patients say the doctors. People want something that can work faster and start giving off its effects within minutes of intake. 

In the future medicines will evolve and will start acting within minutes after intake essentially reducing the turnaround time to almost nil.

Nil side effects

As with side effects if you see all ED pills such as Cenforce 150 will have their side effects. Although the exact nature of the side effects will vary but experiencing side effects is not rare these days. 

You can get side effects when you are using any ED drug for the first time. Expect severe side effects to occur on heavy overdose or if you are taking in contraindicating substances or if you are naturally allergic to the generic substance in the pills. 

But in the future, scientists and doctors believe that they will have developed specially curated pills that have the very least side effects. The efficacy and severity of the side effects will almost be close to nil. 

Thus, you can take any pill you want and not suffer from side effects. you don’t have to consult a doctor to find out which brand or ED dose is suited and best for you. 

How will ED surgeries evolve in the future?

Apart from using pills like Fildena 100 doctors and scientists say that in the future better and more evolved ED cure mechanisms will have evolved. 

If you consider the present scenario you will that there are huge challenges despite all the medical advancements in ED surgeries. 

The biggest problem is the cost factor associated with ED surgeries which are beyond reach for most sections of the common men. But in the future, we will have developed technology for conducting ED surgeries that are more efficient and the cost of ED treatment is also expected to come down drastically. 

The other problem associated with ED surgeries is the side effects. yes, unlike what you believe the severity levels of the complications arising out of an ED surgery are very high if not done correctly than ED pills like Cenforce

Sometimes men can have internal rashes, bleeding, or other severe complexity that will completely hinder tissue flexibility. 

But in the future with more complicated and efficient surgical procedures the risk of such severe side effects and complications can be reduced. 

Doctors and researchers say that there is already a lot of research going on in this field to develop procedures for conducting surgeries. 

Suggestive gene therapy for futuristic ED cure

Along with the use of pills such as Vidalista which is one of the most accepted forms of ED cure these days, there is a suggestive therapy for ED cure that scientists believe can change ED problem once and for all. 

Doctors and scientists around the world are already working on suggestive gene therapy for an ED cure. They believe that in the future they will have a gene therapy cure mechanism for ED that can handle any severity levels of ED and cure them.

This suggestive gene therapy is based on inserting genes into an ED patient through surgery. These genes will help in manufacturing proteins that help a man on getting harder erections. 

As the genes will stay inside the body of a person and replicate them the ED cure will be solved permanently.  

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