It is undeniable that Beyonce is one of the most memorable divas of all time. Beyonce has blown us away over and over again with her breathtaking voice and beauty. Inspired by the nostalgia of muscle beach culture, the Grammy award-winner released her collection in collaboration with Adidas. These stunning outfits include beach-ready styles available in all sizes, from XS to XL. In the promotional videos the Queen shows off her exceptional body in numerous colorful pieces.

Fefo Desouza the Brazilian VFX supervisor and Flame artist had the honor of creating an outstanding piece with the VFX work he performed on the campaign. With years of experience Fefo has put his unparalleled VFX talent to use for the creation of music videos for a number of highly successful award winning artists like Fergie, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Luis Miguel, Janet Jackson and numerous others. As a matter of fact Fefo has become the go-to VFX artist when it comes to beautifying and body sculpting. He innovated by being the first one to perform a face replacement at Lola VFX in the early 90s and has worked in numerous award winning movies and series including but not limited to “Life of Pi”, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking dawn”, “X-Men: apocalypse” and “X-Men: Days of future past” amongst others. In a recent interview we asked Fefo what advice he would give to up and coming VFX artists and he said “Be open to learn. If you have the chance to work with talented people, be like a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as possible. Be up to date with technology, it evolves very quickly. And, the most important: be prepared to work long shifts”


When it comes to professionalism and working with the biggest names, the smallest detail makes a huge difference. This is why only the best get to work with A-list artists and the biggest movies. This is the case of Fefo Desouza, who, with years of experience and an incredible talent became the go-to VFX artist in Los Angeles.

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