Poker is now everywhere: on TV, in the cinema, in the specialized press…Hundreds of sources online and in the media provide information on the exciting world of poker, and games like sabung ayam online, but few sites to gather clear info for you to start well in poker.

Our advice is the result of years of experience on Canadian poker tables and against the best online poker players in games such as maxbet.

We started poker in the early 2000s when the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker behemoths were still operating in the North American market. We saw poker geniuses like Phil Ivey and Canadian Daniel Negreanu land on the final tables of the biggest online poker tournaments and pocket millions of dollars.

The best poker rooms

If the greatest football, tennis or basketball champions are sponsored to wear the colors of the best poker rooms online, it is not always easy for Canadian players to find the right poker room. Indeed, it is more than recommended to choose a poker room that offers you a big welcome bonus, this bonus will allow you to test the room safely and test the poker software present.

The culture of poker as a whole

What would poker be without its stars, sexy players, must-see movies? Poker today belongs to popular culture and we are interested in its history, its evolution in society and all the great figures around it. Regarded for many as the popular phenomenon of the last decade, portrayed in the manner of a sport by the media, disguised as a liberal profession by others, poker has many facets and it will be fascinating to try to detect the secrets.

The importance of learning

Learning how to play poker is the first step for you to perform well in the game and get the chance to win a grand prize at the biggest online poker tournaments or poker tournaments in the world.

As soon as you learn how to play poker and know the value of poker hands, choose a good position at the table and you are ready to practice in the best online poker rooms.

Playing online poker on sites like the ones we evaluate and recommend is a safe way to start playing since you’ll be playing at trusted poker sites and still have a great gaming experience with customizable software that sometimes even blinds you.

Learning how to play poker online is going to be a way for you to improve your game performance, with game tables available 24 hours a day, poker tournaments all week long and incentives like poker bonuses that will give you the opportunity to build your bankroll and place bets greater.

Position at the poker table

The position is very important in poker. After the flop, the order always starts with the player after the dealer, so it is always better to be the last to make the decision:

1. When it’s your turn to act, you’ll get more information about the game than your opponents.
2. This position gives you “fairness of bluff”, which means you will have the opportunity to perform cheaper, simple and effective bluffs.
3. Last act allows you to make better bets by value.
4. Being the last to act gives you control over the final size of the pot.

Many players learn how to play poker just by watching the action of other players without ever going deep into the basic rules of poker.

This type of learning can give the player a chance to win some tables, but even their confidence in the game’s actions and the possibility of using poker strategies will be limited without learning the basics of poker.
Learning how to play poker will give you more understanding about the game and basics so that you begin to make tighter decisions at the game table.

Bonuses for Canadian poker players

This is the key point for choosing a Canadian poker room or dealing with gambling online Canada in general. Poker operators all offer welcome bonuses to attract players and it is not always easy to navigate the jungle of offers. You should select poker rooms based on the amount of bonus offered and the terms of use of bonuses.

Poker news

You should also also know the world ranking of online poker players, the biggest winners and losers on the tables. As you know, the poker world is full of rumors and more or less incongruous news.

Hopefully this article is able to provide enough complete information for you.

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